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The only welding magazine in Africa

African Fusion is the only magazine dedicated to welding technology on the African Continent. The official journal of the Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW), the publication benefits from the backing and independent oversight of SAIW, which is the largest International Institute of Welding (IIW), affiliated welding institute on the continent.

Promotes best welding practice

The magazine promotes the use of best welding practices in Southern Africa and across the continent; reports on welding project successes and strives to inform the industry of new materials processes and equipment.

Connects suppliers to the welding industry

The magazine fosters strong long-term relationships with materials, equipment and consumables suppliers, locally and abroad, and informs the welding industry of their offerings and niche expertise.

It also publishes industry success stories to inform and encourages users of welding processes towards efficient, cost effective and fit-for-purpose fabrication techniques.

ABC Circulation for MechChem Africa:

Q1 January to March 2019 TOTAL CIRCULATION: 5168

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