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Capital Equipment News prides itself on the quality of its reporting and the in-depth exposure given to the products from manufacturers wishing to highlight the latest advances and technical innovations inherent in their respective product lines. For this reason, CEN has become a high profile publication which stands out from other publications in this sector.

Capital Equipment News is a monthly publication read by key executives in the mining, construction, quarrying, transport, and logistics industries.

Capital Equipment News reflects the views of management who have a ‘hands-on’ approach to operating conditions in all facets of industry today.

Features in Capital Equipment News guarantee a forum for advertisers to gain exclusive coverage to a specialised market making use of technical appraisals to support each advertised brand.

Capital Equipment News is presented in a contemporary glossy format and distributed to 3950 readers throughout South Africa, the African continent and a growing overseas market.

We have developed a functional website which supports Capital Equipment News magazine and will give any contributor up to date information on new equipment, current and future projects.


ABC Circulation for Capital Equipment News:

Q1 January to March 2019  TOTAL CIRCULATION: 4595

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Munesu Shoko
Phone: +27 11 622-4770
Fax: +27 11 615-6108

Advertising Manager
Elmarie Stonell
Phone: +27 11 622-4770
Fax: +27 11 615-6108

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