The SAFEhouse Association has published a number of user-friendly guides to provide technical overviews, regulatory information and buying guidelines for the South African electrical industry.

Pierre Nothard, chairman of the SAFEhouse Association, says the prevalence of sub-standard electrical products in South Africa is partly due to misinformation and a lack of information. In an effort to address these issues, the SAFEhouse Guides, which have been authored by industry specialists, provide information that is relevant, concise, and that promotes compliance and electrical safety.


A SAFEhouse guide to electrical installations July COVER PRINT

A SAFEhouse Guide to Electrical Installations

SAFEhouse has published a Guide to electrical installations: The electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC). The CoC was introduced in South Africa in 1993, coinciding with the national registration of electrical contractors, which replaced annual registration at individual municipalities. The CoC, properly completed, is vital as an assurance of regulatory compliance and protection of occupiers of premises against electrocution and damage to assets. This guide offers a step by step outline to fulfilling it in correctly.


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