The SAFEhouse Association has published a number of user-friendly guides to provide technical overviews, regulatory information and buying guidelines for the South African electrical industry.

Pierre Nothard, chairman of the SAFEhouse Association, says the prevalence of sub-standard electrical products in South Africa is partly due to misinformation and a lack of information. In an effort to address these issues, the SAFEhouse Guides, which have been authored by industry specialists, provide information that is relevant, concise, and that promotes compliance and electrical safety.


A SAFEhouse guide to SWITCHES COVER 1A SAFEhouse Guide to Switches

In the South African electrical industry it is often said that “a switch is a switch is a switch!” Nothing could be further from the truth; switches and sockets are not only functional devices, they are also elements of interior design. They must have technical abilities to handle modern household and office appliances and equipment, and should not detract from the appearance of their location.

The following guide is applicable to alternating current (ac), whilst any direct current (dc) applications require confirmation with the relevant supplier insofar as the ratings are applicable.

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