The 70th Annual Dinner of the SAIW was held at Emperors Place on Friday September 7 with two new awards introduced to reflect the rising importance of ISO 3834 certification.

“I am astounded at the response to our 70th Annual Dinner, given the economic backdrop in our country at the moment. Tonight we have managed to fill 42 tables and 10 company’s have sponsored the function, which certainly allowed us to ensure that this evening is a memorable one,” said SAIW executive director, Sean Blake.

Celebrating SAIW’s achievements over the past year, he started with the team of five SAIW welders sponsored by the MerSeta, who participated with 36 countries in the third Arc Cup in China and finished the competition in the bronze category. “Of the group, three were females, and only seven women were competing in the entire competition,” Blake revealed, before thanking Ester van der Linde and Raymond Patel from Merseta, for making their participation possible.

“Last year the SAIW Foundation trained a group of six students on the International Welder programme in partnership with the ArcelorMittal Science Centre in Sebokeng. The group achieved excellent results and showed exceptional talent,” he said, adding: “For the next SAIW Foundation project we plan to train 15 students on a QCTO Artisan Welder Apprenticeship programme in partnership with ArcelorMittal once again. This project is aligned to the Centres of Specialisation project on which we are working with the Department of Higher Education and Training in order to equip the TVET training colleges with the necessary skills to train artisan welders.”

Best ISO 3834 Manufacturing company Kelvion Thermal Solutions

Other successes Blake cited include: the development of the SAIW Future Welder Training Centre, which will use augmented reality welder training systems such as Lincoln Electric’s Real- Weld and the Soldamatic Augmented Reality Welding Simulator. “This method of practical welder training has the potential to revolutionise the way welding is taught and it is my hope that the SAIW can show the way in Africa,” said Blake. SAIW will also be introducing Robotic Welding courses and have purchased a Robot Welding Training unit with the kind assistance of Merseta. In addition, Yaskawa has agreed to donate an Industrial welding robot to SAIW make real welding possible as well.

On the training front, the IIW Inter- national Welding Inspector programme will be offered at all three levels in 2019. Approximately 125 students from Hydra- Arc/Jomele completed this course last year with 40 currently in progress. “We have also recently completed training Sasol Group G on a full suite of SAIW courses and we look forward to doing Group H next year. And on the IIW Welding Co-Ordination training programme, we qualified 117 personnel last year. which represents a 39% increase over 2017.

“Our ISO 3834 Certification scheme continues to go from strength to strength and we currently have 168 companies listed on the register. We have also completed the ISO 17021 accreditation from SANAS to reaffirm SAIW conformity as an authorised certification body and we expect SANAS to issue our 17021 certificate shortly,” Blake told his dinner guests.

The 70th SAIW Awards

The Institute involves industry representatives in every aspect of its training programmes and qualifications to en- sure that these remain directly relevant to industry requirements. This approach ensures that Institute graduates have good prospects of employment and meet employer expectations. “Anyone attending Institute courses will testify that they are very demanding. A lot of information has to be absorbed in a short amount of time. To be successful really takes special e ort and we aim to recognise the very best of our students through our training awards,” said Blake.

SAIW Presidents’ Award for NDT: The SAIW Presidents’ Award recognises the top NDT students on Institute courses and is made in the name of the past Presidents of SAIW who have helped guide the Institute to become South Africa’s reference point for high quality training in welding and NDT training.

This year, the SAIW Certification Governing Board chose two recipients. The first winner is Bronwyn Nadene

Geel, who achieved distinctions in Magnetic Testing Levels 1 and 2; Penetrant Testing Levels 1 and 2; Visual Testing Level 1; Ultrasonic Wall thickness Testing, Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 and Radiographic Interpreters Level 2. During the initial examination for Ultra- sonic Level 1, Bronwyn Geel achieved an average of 88% and in Radiographic Interpreters, which is SAIW’s most difficult method to pass, she achieved an overall average of 91% during the initial examination.

The second Presidents’ Award winner is Collen Morithinyana Tseke, for achieving distinctions in Magnetic Testing Levels 1 and 2; Penetrant Testing Levels 1 and 2; Visual Testing Level 1; Ultrasonic Wall thickness Testing, Ultra- sonic Testing Level 1 and Radiographic Interpreters Level 2. Morithinyana achieved an average of 92% during the initial Ultrasonic Level 1 examination and in the Radiographic Interpreters initial examination, he achieved an overall average of 82%.

The Phil Santilhano Memorial Award: SAIW’s second training award is made in the name of Phil Santilhano who was one of South Africa’s leading welding technologists. The award is presented to the best student on the Institute’s courses in Welding Supervision and Inspection.

The 2018 winner? Chane Marais, who achieved the highest mark of the year for the SAIW Welding Inspectors Level 2 programme.

Harvey Shacklock Gold Medal Award: Harvey Shacklock was the managing director of BOC, now known as Afrox, and he was SAIW’s founding President on 1st March 1948, over 70 years ago. The Harvey Shacklock Gold Medal is awarded to the author of the best technical paper presented at an Institute or IIW event.

This SAIW recognised Kristian Kruger for his presentation ‘Cold repair of Inconel 625 clad layer on medium carbon high strength steel‘. The paper was co-authored by Frederic Laurent of 3C Metal and Pieter Pistorius from the University of Pretoria and was presented at the IIW Annual Assembly and Welding Conference in Bali, Indonesia in 2018.

Best IIW ISO 3834 Manufacturing Certification Company: Being introduced for the first time this year, this award recognises a company that has excelled in the ISO 3834 Certification Manufacturing scheme and implemented an exemplary welding process control system.

The nominees for this award are:

  • Actom John Thompson, a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial boilers and associated plant with a name synonymous with well-engineered boilers.

  • Aveng Grinaker-LTA Mechanical and Electrical, a market leader in providing fabrication, construction and maintenance services for process plants.

  • Gascon, a manufacturer of pressure vessels for the petro-chemical, power generation and o shore industries as well as storage vessels for the trans- port industry.

  • Hi-Tech Pressure Engineering, which designs and manufactures code compliant pressure equipment and related plant for customers in a wide range of industries.

  • Kelvion Thermal Solutions Ser- vices, a specialist in the manufacture of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment.

  • Vessel Fabrication, which specialises in the manufacture of pressure vessels, storage vessels, and shell and tube heat exchangers.

The 2018 winner? Kelvion Thermal Solutions.

Best Responsible Welding Co- ordinator Award: This award is also being introduced for the first time this year. The award is made in recognition of an exceptional welding co-ordinator for the IIW Manufacturing Scheme for the implementation and maintenance of sound welding processes and diligently managing weld quality.

The nominees are:

  • Lorien Chettiar, quality and responsible welding co-ordinator at Aveng Grinaker LTA.

  • Angel Krustev, manager for welding and quality assurance at Kelvion Thermal Solutions.

  • Eric Lemmer, quality manager at Manlimeli Projects and Fabrication.

  • Ravika Ramnath, QC and welding co-ordinator at SHM Engineering.

  • Jacques Venter, quality manager and welding engineer at GRW Engineering.

  • Tiaan Vosloo, divisional welding engineer and responsible welding co-ordinator at Actom, John Thompson.

The award for Best Responsible Welding Coordinator for 2018 was presented to Lorien Chettiar of Aveng Grinaker LTA.

The Institute Gold Medal Award, 2018: The final and most prestigious award for the evening is the Institute’s Gold Medal Award, made to a company or individual in recognition of outstanding contributions to welding technology or to the SAIW.

There were two nominations for the 2018 Gold Medal:

  • Babcock Matla: a company that explored multiple innovations – strategic pre-heat methods, the switch from traditional 2% thoriated tungsten to 2% ceriated tungsten electrodes and detailed analyses of all weld repairs by both welders and welding supervisors – which resulted in the weld repair rate for the Matla Power Station shutdown work to decrease from 7.2% to 2.5% last year. In the last general outage of Unit 1 at the power station, 10 000 butt welds were completed with a variety of materials with old to new connections and a weld repair rate of 1.7% was achieved for all welds done in the boiler. A phenomenal achievement.

  • Philip Doubell, a dedicated contributor to the welding industry who made many valuable technical contributions and provided inspiration and mentorship to many who crossed his path. A key focus of Philip’s work at Eskom was life extension of plants with varying welding technologies and he achieved notable successes at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station and Hendrina Power Station. He worked closely with Prof Danie Hattingh and was a co-inventor of the WeldCore® technology. To a large degree it was his inspiration and dedication that ensured the success of the project, particularly the industrial application and commercialisation of the WeldCore technology. Philip Doubell is cited as publishing 22 research papers on ResearchGate having co-authored many papers with leading international academics as well as industry stalwarts. He was awarded the Harvey Shacklock Gold Medal award in 2006 for his paper titled ‘Weld refurbishment of heavy walled components, hydro-penstock repair’. He was also part of the first group to be awarded the International Welding Engineer qualification.

For 2018, the SAIW Gold medal award is posthumously being made to Philip Doubell: ‘In recognition of his dedication as a Welding Engineer who inspired and developed welding technologies, which made significant contributions to the industry at large’.

The worthiest of winners.

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