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Exclusively manufactured and supplied by Air Liquide, EXELTOPTM is an integrated regulator installed on the premium range of Arcal shielding gases that combines versatility and productivity. For the past 10 years Tru-Trac® Manufacturing has utilised Air Liquide’s products, more recently the ARCALTM NEW GENERATION Shielding Gases and EXELTOPTM.

Air Liquide ExcelTop Tru Trac RollersEstablished in 1995 and based in Centurion, Gauteng, Tru-Trac® Manufacturing fabricates a full range of conveyor components such as self-aligning idlers for tracking the load-carrying and return sides of slow moving, reversible, high-speed and high-load belts.

Over the years, its product range has expanded to include other conveyor belt components such as conveyor belt scrapers, impact beds, block skirtings and more. The Tru-Trac Belt Tracking Systems and Tru-Trac Scrapers are world leading innovative products, which have been patented in all major mining countries, while Tru-Trac Rollers is a sister company that markets, sells and installs the products for the global mining industry.

To facilitate customer interaction and experience Air Liquide caught up with one of Tru-Trac manufacturing directors, Rory Gilbride: “I like the EXELTOP because we were having to replace flow meters often and it took a long time to change an empty cylinder because the welder had to find a spanner every time,” he says.

The EXELTOP has a quick coupler for fast changeover to a new cylinder, and the remaining gas content in a cylinder can be established at a glance via a gauge, which results in higher productivity and cost savings. “Since this is such a good product, at inception my main concern was that Air Liquide would run out of stock and not have enough EXELTOP cylinders on the market, but I can see that has been handled well. I would definitely recommend the EXELTOP. It has made life a lot easier for us and we have seen massive benefits from using this product.” says Gilbride.

Features of the EXELTOP solution include:

  • Stability and accuracy for high performance gas operation, with a two-stage built-in regulator.

  • Quick coupling connector to facilitate a spanner free cylinder change.

  • Intuitive and easy to use design with a new on/off lever and graduated handwheel.

  • A strengthened metallic valve guard protects the regulator and makes it much safer.

“Safety is at the forefront of the creation and production of our products,” says Mwali Kawawa, Welding and Cutting Manager at Air Liquide South Africa. “The highest safety levels possible have been built into EXELTOP’s design.

In addition to the valve’s wrap-around steel guard, the on/off lever has a built-in snap-off point, which detaches the lever from the valve if the cylinder falls or experiences a shock load.

“Also, the regulator’s levers and dials have been ergonomically designed to ensure easy access for the welders, even while wearing gloves,” notes Kawawa.

During a workshop walkabout, Tru-Trac welder, Forster Mngomezulu, adds: “EXELTOP is more efficient, very quick and it saves a lot of time. I think it’s the way to go because it takes only a minute to change over a cylinder, then we can continue with our jobs, which makes life much easier. Of all the gas regulators I have used, I find EXELTOP is the most convenient,” Mngomezulu says.

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