With growing calls for non-disruptive installation of services such as sewerage, water and fibre connectivity, the requirement for trenchless technology is surging and the need to educate installers and end-users is becoming critical.

Global trade show promotes trenchless technology

It was also the driving reason for one of the country’s largest trenchless equipment suppliers, ELB Equipment, to sponsor the recent International No-Dig 2018 South Africa Conference and Exhibition, which was held in Cape Town. A gathering of the world’s leading authorities on trenchless technologies, the event also provided local role-players and municipal decision-makers with an opportunity to examine capabilities and seek ways of implementing them within local structures.

With the aim of unlocking the potential of no-dig technologies within South Africa’s urban centres, ELB Equipment, along with its OEM equipment suppliers, Ditch Witch and Hammerhead, took up Gold Sponsorship opportunities that would allow more delegates from municipalities to attend the show and learn from the numerous presentations and case studies that were presented.

The event was hosted by the Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology (SaSTT) on behalf of the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) and is part of a global series that sees the event hosted in different countries each year.

“The point of the event is to spread the knowledge of trenchless technology and promote more widespread use of its technologies. It should be used a lot more often to avoid disruption and damage to existing infrastructure and the idea is to get local government, contractors and suppliers together to share ideas and find solutions to all kinds of different requirements,” says Paul Harwood, MD of Westrade Group, the international organiser of the event.

“This year the message to Cape Town, and the rest of South Africa, called for innovative cities to embrace the use of non-disruptive technologies in future. Also, to identify skills requirements and work with all role players to identify future requirements and make provision to train people to apply trenchless techniques in future,” adds Paul.

Stuart Hillyard, Westrade Group business development manager, added that this year’s show should spur the development of future shows locally with masterclasses and innovations that will keep it fresh and relevant.

“With local participation as well as exhibitors from as far afield as Germany, United Kingdom, China, United States and further afield, the show was deemed a success, attracting the right delegates, exhibitors and sponsors from South Africa and overseas. And the feedback has been positive with a lot of knowledge sharing and handsome trade figures reported immediately after the show,” concludes Hillyard.

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