On September 6, the Automated Concept Tractor was presented to the public: Escort’s first driverless tractor, exclusively fitted with BKT branded radial AGRIMAX tyres. The new tractor was revealed on the occasion of Escorts Exclusive 2018, the event dedicated to dealers, partners and the main customers of the engineering group from India.

BKT Escorts AutomatedConceptTractor 1The Escorts Agri Machinery Division presented the new project of automated farming solutions based on the use of new technologies and next-generation digital vehicles within the scope of precision farming.

In order to provide this offer, Escorts – a renowned brand for its tractor ranges Farmtrac and Powertrac – has cooperated with real giants in the field of technology such as Microsoft, Reliance Jio, Trimble, Samvardhana Motherson Group, WABCO, BOSCH and AVL. These partners are ready to contribute to developing an innovative range of farming machinery, based on sensor-provided data and applications.

Side by side with these giants, there is also BKT, which has been committed to innovation ever since. Actual evidence provides BKT’s radial tyre range AGRIMAX fitted on these advanced tractors. Agricultural machinery par excellence, the tractors show no fatigue and are irreplaceable partners on the job for all farmers worldwide. BKT has always been particularly attentive and committed to research and development into tires designed on purpose for these types of equipment creating specialist tire line-ups for each and every need.

Among others, part of the specific line for tractors is AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, a unique product combining multiple features in one: it reduces soil compaction, is perfect for both field-and-road usage, and it does not require any changes of inflation pressure while transferring from the fields to the road and vice versa. In addition, it allows for maximised load capacity (+40%) at the same inflation pressure compared to a standard tyre of the same size.

Other members of the range are AGRIMAX FORCE and AGRIMAX SIRIO: the first is a specific tyre for high-powered tractors suitable for use both in the fields and on the road, whereas the second is a high-speed tire designed for high-performance tractors. For harvesting operations, BKT offers AGRIMAX TERIS, an ideal tyre to support the increased weight of modern combine harvesters and their loads. Not to be missed the row crop models such as AGRIMAX SPARGO, AGRIMAX RT 855, AGRIMAX RT 945 and AGRIMAX RT 955, to name a few.

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