Ledvance is to introduce the Osram SubstiTUBE range – a tailored LED portfolio for the simple replacement of fluorescent tubes. The range includes value for cost-optimised lighting tasks; advanced lighting for standard lighting applications; advanced UO (Ultra Output) for sophisticated lighting demands requiring a particularly high luminous flux; Advanced Universal and Advanced Connected. Thanks to rigorous quality standards, Ledvance is able to offer a five-year guarantee for the entire Advanced product family, and a three-year guarantee for the Value family.

SubstiTubeIncluded in the range are T8 tube replacements with a high luminous flux of up to 3 600 lumens, making them ideal for use in high rooms. All the Advanced models in the portfolio yield up to 150 lumens per watt. The new generation therefore brings significantly greater efficiency plus up to 67% in energy savings when compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. Replacing old tubes is a simple matter of ‘plug & play’, with no rewiring required. The Advanced Universal models can be used with conventional or electronic control gear, so enhancing their flexibility, cutting warehousing costs and bringing greater economies of scale.

The flagship model of the Substitube range, the Advance Connected, is particularly efficient: through wireless connection of LED tubes and sensors, the T8 replacement boasts energy savings of up to 90% when compared with traditional fluorescent lamps. In response to detected levels of daylight and movement, the Substitube Connected System provides continuous dimming control from 0% to 100%. Installation requires a screwdriver only, with no need for software or an additional app. The range of tubes will be available at the end of this year.

Small tubes, big benefits

The Substitube portfolio contains additional highlights in the T5 area. With the Advanced T5 and T5 UO, Ledvance now offers an innovative LED retrofit replacement for T5 fluorescent tubes with 49 or 80 watts – the changeover is simple, fast, safe and requires no rewiring. The T5 models feature luminous flux values of 3 920 lumens (Advanced) or up to 5 600 lumens (Advanced UO). Thanks to their glass bodies, the LED tubes are deceptively similar to traditional fluorescent lamps in look and feel. The Osram Substitube Advanced T5, for example, is ideal for use in warehouses, corridors, parking decks or sales floors. Ultra-Output variants are well-suited to environments with higher lighting demands, such as offices or high bay areas.

Conversion to LED lighting can cut power consumption by as much as 50% compared with traditional fluorescent lamps. Depending on the individual project, it can take as little as two years to reach the payback point. Both T5 replacement models have a rated lifespan of up to 60 000 hours and 200 000 switching cycles.

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