ELDC launched the latest Delta Light Lighting Bible at an event in its Cape Town showroom. The catalogue, in its 12th edition, offers over 1000 pages of design, application, technical innovation, and project images. The company also has a range of new luminaires.

Delta SuperloopThe Superloop family comprises an extensive range of slim circular and square shapes, offering a multitude of illumination options. Superloop allows users to choose ‘functional’, by mounting adjustable Spy modules on the round or square shaped base; ‘decorative’, by mounting the light emitting circle in a horizontal manner, or ‘eye catcher’, by hanging the circle of light vertically, as a statement. Superloop circular light has the ability to diffuse light all around. The loop can be hung using steel cables, based in one fixation point or multiple suspension points, or from a steel rod suspending the ring from the air. It is also available in a round or square shape with a Delta Light custom engineered 48 V low voltage track on the inside. This allows users to position and move light modules around, tool-free, offering maximum flexibility and meeting any need of the project.

Splitline Magnetic is the latest member of the versatile Splitline profile family and a new magnetic made-to-measure profile has been added to the collection. The Splitline M allows for dynamics and personalisation. Depending on what the space needs, it is possible to add, remove or adjust luminaries whenever and wherever needed. Based on a plug & play approach, there is no need for complex technical intervention. Inside the Magnetic Splitline it is possible to play with an extensive range of discrete or decorative modules. Tweeter, one of the most iconic ranges in the Delta Light range, can now also be combined with the Splitline, as can the Gibbo suspension – featuring a transparent, opal or amber hand blown globe – or the slender Microspy suspensions.

Combining playful styling with a striking light effect, Stig has the look of a mini robot and projects a sleek line of light. Its little helmet conceals a 6 to 8 W LED, combined with a lens, behind an opal diffuser. The stripe of light that Stig creates enables users to accent contours, illuminate pathways, indicate guidelines or add decorative lighting effects. It is available in a range of variants, for direct mounting on ceiling or wall, combined with a pin to anchor it in the ground, or with a strap to attach it to a tree trunk, column, etc. Stig is small, simple and modern with a distinctive touch.

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