It has been a little over one year that EMAAR Properties Dubai, the premiere real estate developer in the UAE, and owner/operator of Burj Khalifa, created an initiative to light up the east façade of the iconic building and give it high resolution video capability across the height of the tower.

The first anniversary of a living masterpiece

The LED screen, running up the east side 770 metres of the 828-metre-tall tower, was unveiled at the ‘Light Up 2018’ New Year’s celebration captivating millions of viewers, both live and via live internet broadcasts across the world. The ground-breaking lightshow established a new Guinness World Record for the largest laser light and sound show on one single structure.

“We always immerse ourselves in pushing the envelope and developing solutions that our clients use to express themselves, and there is no other quite like Burj Khalifa, truly one of the most iconic buildings of our time. Our great team of innovators is dedicated to bringing unique solutions to the world. We are very proud to contribute to the Dubai landscape, a hub of ingenuity and innovation, very much like SACO,” says Fred Jalbout, Chairman and CEO of SACO

EMAAR entrusted SACO Technologies and its local partner, 3S Lighting Solutions, to design and create a system that would seamlessly integrate within the architecture of the building. The initiative took 6 months from design to install and includes over 28 kilometres of SACOs V-Stick® solution and a bespoke carrier that becomes part of the architectural fin detail.

“Integration is key; technology is a tool that should exist to support a vision and it should be flexible enough to remain invisible until the story requires it. SACO strives to create technology based on the requirements of our client. It was a pleasure to work with EMAAR, opened-minded and extremely focused, they knew exactly what they wanted. We collaborated closely to make their vision a reality,” says Jonathan Labbee, Executive Vice-President & CMO of SACO.

A visionary company, SACO was built upon its leading R&D and manufacturing expertise. The team boasts over 30 years of experience and spans worldwide. SACO has become the technological leader and preferred brand in both indoor and outdoor LED Solid State Lighting and Media Solutions. 

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