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To more closely align with its global parent and its international network, SMC Pneumatics South Africa has changed its name to SMC Corporation ZA.

“While our company remains a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pneumatic systems and components, we continue to evolve in supporting all aspects of manufacturing and industrial automation,” says SMC ZA’s GM, Peter Findlay.

“Today’s automation systems integrate pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators along with digitally controlled solenoid valves, valve terminal blocks, inverter drives and digital sensors and instrumentation,” he explains. “SMC offers the full suite of these solutions, some of which do not include any pneumatic components at all,” he says.

SMC Corporation ZA Peter Findlay Integrated automation pneumatics

SMC Corporation officially opened its South African subsidiary in 2016 in Midrand, Johannesburg, and this remains the only SMC manufacturing and assembly facility in Africa. With local stock holding backed by a transparent, responsive and international supply chain, nation-wide training support, as well as a state-of-the-art showroom, SMC ZA is now offering expertise and support for automation and systems integrators across Southern Africa.

“Locally and globally, we concentrate on delivering customer focused solutions, whether that means manufacturing non-standard versions of our actuators or designing and developing turnkey automation systems that include all of the associated control, filtering and conditioning systems.

“Increased globalisation and the rapid evolution of information technology has seen changes in the way business is conducted. Customer satisfaction can only be achieved if we clearly understand the automation goals and requirements of our clients, and then exceed them. This is the reason for SMC’s dedication to building an organisation that listens carefully to customers and responds quickly and specifically to their needs,” Findlay notes.

“We are fully integrated into SMC’s global network coverage of all major countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania as well as in emerging countries such as South Africa. This reflects our active commitment to the world market. SMC supports its subsidiaries with a stable supply chain of products, advanced technical services, solid communication networks and competitive pricing. It is our number one goal to exceed customer expectations, everywhere,” he assures.

“To enable shorter delivery times and availability of non-standard stock items and customised solutions, tailored to individual customer needs, SMC ZA’s local production facility in Midrand offers technical support, levels of service and product ranges not available anywhere else in the country,” Findlay says.

“In addition, free software and component selection tools are available on the SMC website. Or customers can simply contact our sales engineers. Additionally, a superbly equipped showroom enables customers to see and feel the products, while over the counter sales are supported by a large stockholding. Come see for yourselves,” he adds.

“Training is also a core part of SMC ZA’s local and global offering. To this end, we offer five courses: basic pneumatics, electro-pneumatics, basic hydraulics, electro-hydraulics and mechatronics. These courses have all been tailored to provide machine operators, maintenance staff, technicians and engineers the knowledge and skills they need to operate and maintain automated production machines at their own sites.

“We can also customise and offer onsite training courses to suit the automation systems and equipment already deployed at customer sites,” he says.

In addition, SMC Corporation specialises in supplying educational training equipment for schools, colleges and universities, which is available to customers for in-house training. Training systems cover a range of topics including e-learning; circuit design and simulation software; vacuum technology; energy efficiency in pneumatics, hydraulics, PLCs, instrumentation and process control; mechatronics; and Industry 4.0.

“SMC has extensive application experience in a wide range of industries ranging from automotive to food and beverage, packaging and mining. We aim to provide exemplary service and solutions that help our customers optimise their performance, lower costs, improve competitiveness and make local producers more sustainable and profitable.

“We remain committed to delivering the highest level of support, in line with our globally connected and customer-focused approach,” Findlay says. “The SMC Corporation ZA name builds on this heritage, but also reflects our ever-increasing product range and the nature of our modern service offering,” he concludes.

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