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Festo software tools such as ‘Positioning Drives’ allow perfect product dimensioning according to customer applications. This makes it possible to get machine design ‘right first time’ with no over-sizing and a perfect fit between axes, motors and servo drives.

Festo Industry 4.0 Eplan Schematic Solutions CAD drawings Eberhard Klotz

By starting out with digital twin technology, faster smart engineering becomes possible. Complete handling and gantry systems can be designed within 15 minutes with Festo’s Handling Guide Online, including system optimisation and all accessories. One part-number is required for the entire custom gantry system, making for reliable, risk free and convenient system ordering.

Using Festo software tools enables all drive combinations to be simulated and answers to the questions: does the result meet your expectations. does it save costs and reduce risks to be determined.

For a convenient set-up, the software provides CAD drawings in 45 native formats and Eplan macros. Furthermore, a new I4.0 style service called Eplan Schematic Solutions gives a complete eCAD drawing for a customised valve terminal or gantry system with just one click. Pay half an hour and get half a day extra.

All data is prepared to be integrated into Industry 4.0 host environments by the digital twin which is convenient, accurate and time saving.

The new Festo Automation Suite allows configuration and programming inside one tool, getting electric axes integrated in two clicks and running in less than five minutes – that is truly faster; better and connected.

During operations, users benefit from the seamless connectivity between mechanics, electrics and controls/IoT. As experts in mechanics and pneumatic motion technology, Festo offers an outstanding range of electric automation, including the launch of latest motion controller technology with seamless integration into leading host environments.

Users are supported by intelligent software and services: CPX-IOT gateways bring data into a cloud, opening condition monitoring, early warning systems, big data analytics, anomaly detection and offering smart maintenance service tools.

Personalised USB-stick production

This modular demonstration machine uses cyber-physical systems and decentralised automation inside each cell/module. With the new Festo CPX-E PLC, which includes EtherCAT master, Festo offers solutions for complex gantry or handling systems with complete motion control functionality. All motion is programmed in the subsystem with Codesys and then integrated in the host system either as a slave on PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, or peer-to-peer e.g. via Modbus.

Major benefits include:

  • Faster selection, set-up and commissioning with Festo free-of-charge software selection tools.

  • Easy programming inside the new Festo Automation Suite ensures that electric axes are integrated into the sub system with just two clicks and are up and running in less than five minutes.

  • A complete, single source solution, which poses no risks due to integrating many suppliers – first class technology in mechanics, pneumatic, electric and software from seamless connectivity.

I4.0 experience in Scharnhausen

Scharnhausen, with five assembly lines full of products from the Festo Automation Platform, which are all connected to the future via OPC-UA, is an outstanding engineering reference.

These five production lines are completely modular, flexible in use and produce all the lot sizes that our customers demand, all the way down to Batch Size 1, if necessary. They generate big data which, as a result of a recent analyses, lead to a 15% increase in productivity after optimising the bottle necks identified.

This use case shows how manufacturers can benefit from Festo I4.0 knowledge, experience, products and digital services.

Smart maintenance and Festo’s Smartenance

Four years ago, Festo introduced a mobile maintenance concept at its Scharnhausen factory. The results were overwhelming as the concept provided better team utilisation, quicker repairs, higher OEE and an ROI below six months. Festo has turned its learnings and experience into a digital product called Smartenance and its customers are able to optimise their maintenance teams and infrastructure by using its well-experienced solution.

“Industry 4.0 is driving the project of the future to be ever faster, more diverse, more flexible and more intelligent. Calls for greater availability, energy efficiency and just-in-time production are on the increase. We at Festo are playing a major role in shaping the trend, as it’s evident from our own pioneering use of the technology,” Klotz concludes.

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