SRK Exploration Services has appointed John Paul Hunt as its local manager, representing the Cardiff-based company in close collaboration with the SRK Consulting (SA) office in Johannesburg.

       John Paul Hunt, Senior Exploration Geologist, SRK Exploration Services.

John Paul has joined SRK Exploration Services from the Council for Geoscience as a Senior Exploration Geologist. He is an economic and exploration geologist with over 15 years’ experience in grassroots to brownfields target generation and exploration.

He has worked extensively in sub-Saharan Africa and Scandinavia, primarily engaged with base /precious metal magmatic sulphide deposits, orogenic/ placer gold, and mineralisation related to magmatic-hydrothermal systems.

His career has involved planning and executing exploration programmes at all stages from target generation to evaluation and has been part of numerous project reviews, due diligence and feasibility studies.

SRK Exploration Services is a discipline-led practice within the global SRK Group, which supports prospecting and mining companies from the idea stage through to the definition of mineral resources.

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