Load shedding is just the tip of the iceberg when discussing bad power. We talk about the inconvenience of no power (blackout) but associated with this are other conditions causing damage and destruction to electrical and electronic equipment; poor maintenance and management of the distribution infrastructure results in load shedding, black outs (planned and unplanned), spikes and surges, power-back surges, over (high) and under (low) voltage, loss of neutral.

How do you visualise the right light for your store or city before you buy? Signify is helping its customers do just this with apps that provide an experience, showcasing the possibilities for lighting using virtual reality (VR). Now customers can step into a virtual world to visualise how lighting can transform their fashion store or city street.

South African enterprises are moving to embrace Industry 4.0 models and technologies to enhance efficiencies and remain competitive, but adapting to these new models is not without challenges, says Jesper Toubol, Vice President, Elements and Moulds at Lego. Speaking ahead of Africa Automation Fair and the Connected Industries Conference in June, where he will deliver the keynote address on Industry 4.0, Toubel says traditional business culture and a lack of effective change management can challenge efforts to move to an Industry 4.0 environment.

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