According to the Brookings Institution, millennials – those born between 1981 and 1996 – will comprise one-third of the adult population by 2020 and three-quarters of the workforce by 2025. In South Africa, there are approximately 14,5 million millennials, which equates to over a quarter of the population.

This percentage of the population makes it easier for millennials to directly influence society as well as refocus the attention of corporations and companies. They are comparatively better educated than their predecessors, have a tendency toward a liberal political outlook, are as frugal as the GI generation and are environmentally focused. Millennials are changing the way the marketplace interacts with them with their increased purchasing power.

electrical contractors can market their services to millennials

How does this relate to electrical contractors and what can you do to get hired by and provide a better service for millennial customers? Let’s take a look at what millennials search for when hiring a contractor and what you as an electrical contractor need to keep in mind when trying to appeal to or work with millennial clients.

Importantly, millennials are more socially conscious than past generations, and they tend to shop and buy products or services from companies that reflect their own moral code. They don’t trust large corporations or big companies that offer impersonal service. Finally, they are more connected on the internet, and word-ofmouth can make or break a company’s reputation as it’s shared through forums and rating sites.

What does this mean for you?

Looking at the world of electrical construction, the above information means this generation would support clean energy, energy storage, and renewable energy, and would lean towards companies that support these things. They want a more personal, targeted experience. And they want to be able to connect with and learn more about the companies they hire online. Ask yourself the following questions:

How competitive are you compared with other electrical contractors in the market?

We know millennials want choice, and to get the edge over your competitors, you should be trying to personalise your service toward your customer. To target the right marketing at the right millennial, consider using any data analytics you have available with your digital marketing platforms (e.g., website, e-newsletter, social media, etc.) to personalise your approach. These are tools that offer insight into what your customer base is responding to and what works.

Is your service convenient?

How are you communicating with your customer? Do you have a well-designed, mobile responsive website that details the tailored cost of your service, duration and time-frame? This strategy could be something to look into. Millennials like to be involved in all steps of the process, but on their terms. You could use your website, for example, to explain why you’re using certain kinds of materials or products and if any are more environmentally friendly or less expensive.

Are you shareable?

Millennials love sharing, and they love cool. If you aren’t active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you should be. Think of interesting and millennial-focused posts and blogs to put out there that will encourage sharing and buying into your brand. Community-based WhatsApp and Facebook groups have proved to be very popular over the past few years (which ties in with word-of-mouth marketing). If you provided a good service, solved their problems and were friendly and knowledgeable, the chances are that they will recommend you when a friend, neighbour or participant in these groups asks for a recommended electrician. Ensure your Facebook page is up to date with the correct contact details, as millennials will quickly move onto the next recommendation if you contact details are incorrect. Millennials are changing the way companies interact with their customers and behave internally. Take heed of their particular desires and aspirations. Given their increased purchasing power, these are your future clients.

Adapted from an article in Electrical Contractor

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