Mark PalmerMark Palmer of the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority Southern Africa (EAIASA) assumes the unenviable role of ‘bad cop’ as he assists the public and the industry by investigating non-compliant installations. In view of his extensive experience in the electrical industry over many years, his columns offer advice to electricians and electrical contractors – what to do and what not to do. Mark, too, is concerned about the electrical industry and especially Certificates of Compliance, which are his speciality. His columns are frank and forthright with no punches pulled.


January 2016

No column.


February 2016

Mark Palmer’s column in February explains all about the ‘plugged in’ premise and how this relates to compliance. He explains ‘electrical installation’, ‘point of consumption’ and’ point of outlet’, This is another ‘must read’ from Mark. Read more...


March 2016

Mark discusses the complexities of compliance when it comes to home automation, alternative supplies –and how these grey areas could have disastrous consequences unless applicable training for installers and electrical contractors is provided. Read more...


April 2016

In April, Mark goes into the general safety principles applicable to electrical installations that apply equally to new, altered or temporary electrical installations. Read more...


May 2016

In his May column, Mark continues with the general safety principles applicable to electrical installations that apply equally to new, altered or temporary electrical installations. Read more...


June 2016

In his June column, Mark continues with the general safety principles for electrical installations, this time addressing access to live parts and the ‘standard test finger’ and ‘arm’s reach’.  Read more...


August 2016

Mark Palmer’s August column, ‘An outline of the AIA process’ looks at the current changes being implemented in the electrical Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) process as prescribed by the Department of Labour (DoL). Read more...


September 2016

Mark Palmer’s September column takes a look at the fundamental requirements of fire risk and temperature. He makes reference to the front page article in the July issue of Sparks Electrical News that reported on an importer’s conviction for selling of counterfeited circuit breakers. Palmer says the concerning aspect here is that “more than 106 000 non-compliant circuit breakers and earth leakage devices are not accounted for ... an estimated 25 000 premises are at significant risk.” Palmer says that all registered persons have a moral duty to find these devices when they inspect and test electrical installations for the purposes of issuing Certificates of Compliance. “This duty, in any event, remains a legal requirement in this particular sub section to determine compliance of products where temperature is concerned,” adds Palmer. Read more...


October 2016

In his October column, for the benefit of those who may still be in the dark about Accredited Inspection Authorities (AIAs), Mark Palmer sheds some light on AIAs and the role they play in the South African electrical industry.  Read more...


November 2016

In his November column, Mark Palmer, says that AIA’s are confronted daily with the inspection and testing of existing electrical installations, many of which were constructed some years ago. “It must be emphasised, however, that notwithstanding that the installation may have been constructed 30 or more years ago, there are very few installations that have not undergone any additions, modifications or repairs since the original construction; and herein lies the problem …” Read more...


December 2016

In his December column, Mark Palmer, shares his thoughts on the state of the electrical industry and Accredited Inspection Authorities. Read more...



Mark Palmer’s column will be back in February.

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