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Security sealing solution in demand

The demand in the mining sector for various security sealing solutions from a leading security sealing company, Vikela Aluvin, has grown in recent times. This is according to Aluvin MD Kevin Norwitz. "The technology of specialised security seals, security bags and tamper-evident labels has improved dramatically over the last few years and we now offer mines improved solutions over a wide range of applications," he says.

Aluvin supplies, among others, gold, platinum, diamond, uranium and coal mines, which use its product in various applications ranging from lower risk cost-sensitive items, like fire-extinguishers and medical boxes, to the protection of controlled, high-security environments.

Seen here: Aluvin's Dragon Seal is designed for optimal tamper-evidence.

The most common product used by the mines is the security seal, which is used in a wide range of applications. Each has a unique serial number enabling easy identification in the event of tampering. An example of such a seal is the Aluvin Pulltite seal, a cost effective tamper evident seal used primarily in the lower risk applications. "While this seal immediately indicates tampering it can also be easily removed in the event of an emergency," says Norwitz.

In the medium-risk environment, security seals are used to indicate unauthorised access to secure areas on the mines and while typically a plastic pull-through seal - such as the Securetite, Securepull or Securegrip - is used for this application, a number of other alternatives are also available. In high-security applications, like transporting diamonds, gold or other similarly high value items, higher-level seals are required and here Aluvin's Dragon Seal, as well as metal cable seals, has proven extremely popular.

Designed for optimal tamper-evidence, the Dragon Seal features an easy-to-apply metal locking mechanism and large flap area, making this one of the most practical seals for high-security applications. Apart from in various applications on mines, it is widely used for airline cargo, bank and postal services, clinical waste management, hazardous material transport, courier services, cash-in-transit and other applications requiring high-pull strength.

The company's security seals are available in a range of colours, offering the mine the versatility of a colour-coded identification system. "In addition, seals can be embossed with the mine's logo in conjunction with its own unique serial numbers or barcode," says Norwitz. He adds that the recent formation of the TydenBrooks security products group via the acquisitions of EJ Brooks Company and the Stoffel Seals Corporation by the Tyden Group, has further strengthened Aluvin's position to offer state of the art security solutions to the local mining industry. "The new entity is the largest security sealing company in the world and we are its sole distributor in Southern Africa," he concludes.