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Specialist in-house cutting services

Elquip Solutions, a specialist supplier of electrical components, tooling and machinery to industry, has grown and prospered due to its focus on supplying its customers with superior quality equipment, backed by exceptional customer service.
Mike Cronin, MD of Elquip Solutions, says that the company prides itself on finding creative solutions to customer's demands by sourcing globally proven technology that is reinforced by the intellectual property and experience contained within its employee base.

Late last year the company appointed Bryn Jones to head up the cutting products division. Jones, with 31 years experience in the cutting consumables industry, is the ideal candidate to grow this division and cater to the varied needs of the company's customers. His combined sales experience and technical knowledge will be a huge benefit in his dealings with the various functions endemic to the cutting division.

"I will be overseeing a staff of five people, all with the common goal of ensuring that a quality product is timeously supplied to customers for their specific requirements and is maintained to standards that encourage enhanced productivity," Jones says.
Jones points out that the South African cutting industry is very large, with any company that supplies steel or steel products being a potential customer of Elquip's. "What makes the South African market different to its global counterparts, however, is the focus on purchase price. Sadly, the much-lauded global attitude towards buying higher quality products that will provide a greater return on interest is still evolving in local companies.

We are making it our mission to educate our customers on the importance of investing for the long term, rather than on buying cheaper equipment then having to replace it sooner than anticipated. On a recent trip overseas to visit one of our principals, a customer remarked to Mike Cronin that after seeing the advantages provided by proven technology, his mindset towards buying larger volumes of less expensive equipment, rather than buying high-end product, has now been irrevocably altered. The lifecycle costs of demonstrably more reliable higher end products are substantially less than that of cheaper products," he adds.

"Obviously, we are cognisant of the fact that many smaller cutting companies are driving their own pricing down in order to remain in business, so ‘buying cheap' is often their gut reaction when making purchasing decisions. However, one needs to factor in elements such as maintenance, downtime, cost per unit, wastage and inferior cuts in order to realise the true benefits of buying cutting equipment and consumables from a company that is focused on best practice solutions," says Jones.
Jones emphasises that Elquip Solutions is a great believer in putting one's money where one's mouth is. "We not only advise clients to carefully consider the pros and cons of buying cheaper products, but we set the example of quality over cost by investing in high tech equipment of our own. We are awaiting delivery of a specialist welding machine and a new high speed CNC steel blade sharpening machine, both of which will add value to our customer offering."

Bryn Jones jpg: Elquip's Bryn Jones says the company's biggest differentiator is its team.