The African Energy Chamber is to issue its first Energy Outlook for 2020, at a time when the global energy industry is going through an important period of transition.

Africa Energy OutlookThe Outlook is the result of strong regional and international cooperation between actors of the government, public and private sector across sub-Saharan Africa. It gathers the latest available data on sub-Saharan Africa’s hydrocarbons markets, and benefits from the insights of key local, regional and international companies, experts and economists. 

The Africa Energy Outlook 2020 will shed light on improving African business and legal environments, give strategic insights into sub-Saharan Africa’s production outlook, highlight the growing role of gas in Africa’s ongoing energy transition, map out the continent’s energy infrastructure outlook, and share key investment outlooks for crude oil and natural gas across the continent.

“At such a pivotal moment of transition, leadership and initiative are required to position African businesses and their communities at the heart of the extraordinary development the energy industry promises to deliver over the next decade,” said Mickael Vogel, Director of Strategy, African Energy Chamber. “This outlook is part of that effort. We are providing a comprehensive look at the oil and gas sector across sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on key strategic and operational developments in the industry for 2020 as well as identifying opportunities for investment,” he added.

The Outlook is a strategic yearly initiative of the African Energy Chamber to provide all interested stakeholders and investors with a tool to navigate sub-Saharan Africa’s rapidly developing energy markets.

“Being the fastest-growing energy network on the continent, it is our responsibility to mobilise our partners around research and analysis that benefits everyone involved in shaping the future of Africa,” said Verner Ayukegba, Senior Vice President at the Chamber.

The Africa Energy Outlook 2020 will be available online free of charge to all AEC partners and stakeholders.

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