On 3 April 2020, an Antonov An-124, the world's second-largest strategic transport aircraft, flew the first batch of XCMG's multi-functional dust suppression vehicles to the Middle East to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The plane took off from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and arrived in the Middle East that same day.

XCMGs multi functional dust suppression vehicles

This was the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19 that a charter plane was used to transport equipment to fight the pandemic on a direct flight.

XCMG has actively assisted the international community in the prevention and control of the pandemic in the spirit of a shared future for mankind, and contributed Chinese solutions to this fight the outbreak.

This order is also the first time that large-scale epidemic prevention equipment is exported through an e-commerce platform, and an historic breakthrough for XCMG’s multifunctional dust suppression vehicles, which were exported in batches – a significant milestone.

The isolated information islands facing those fighting the pandemic must be eliminated. Compared with the SARS outbreak of 2003, systems and countermeasures for pandemic outbreak and control are now more complete, and innovative technologies are also developing rapidly.

All XCMG's business units cooperated during the outbreak of the epidemic to build a bridge connecting customers and manufacturers on the XCMG e-commerce platform, where contracts can be signed and payments made in one go. Transactions take only about 10 days, from platform order to cross-border delivery.

In this time of scientific and technological war against the pandemic, the XCMG e-commerce platform has delivered powerful scientific “ammunition” for this global battle, relying on big data technology. 

The fight against the pandemic in the Middle East is still ongoing, so XCMG initiated coordination and communication with civil aviation and border inspection authorities to ensure rapid customs clearance for this batch of aid equipment. This cooperation led to the opening of a "green channel" to enable this special trip.

With each multi-functional dust suppression vehicle weighing 18 t, it was not easy to deliver such large equipment by air. XCMG Zhilian Logistics dispatched five flatbed trailers and 10 drivers to drive non-stop, day and night. They arrived at Shenzhen Airport at 3 am on 2 April, after having driven for 28 hours, and entered the apron at 7 pm. On 3 April, five multifunction dust suppression vehicles were loaded and arrived at the destination airport.

The arrival in the Middle East of this batch of XCMG multi-functional dust suppression vehicles meant that disinfection for large areas can be mechanised. This will serve as a model China when helping other countries against the pandemic.

During the prevention and control of the epidemic in China, XCMG multi-functional dust suppression vehicles raced against the clock to assist more than 100 regions in fighting the pandemic.

The multi-function dust suppression vehicles, also known as "mist cannon trucks", have two spray aspirating and cleaning functions. The disinfection function can be activated to turn the vehicles into disinfection equipment during the pandemic.

During the operation, the multifunctional dust suppression vehicles atomise disinfectant through high pressure and sprays it from an air-duct. After spraying, the disinfectant quickly becomes volatile and harmless to the environment. The product provides fast and flexible operation, fine water particles with strong penetration and a powerful spraying range to disinfect key areas.

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