From humble beginnings in 1902, Corobrik is proud to launch a new frontier in the brick-manufacturing industry in Africa. After careful consideration of a suitable name, Kwastina (‘Home of the Brick’) will deliver its first products this month. Both kilns will be in full production by November, with an official launch of the R800 million facility on the cards for the end of the year.

Kwastina can produce 100 million bricks a yearHonouring commitments made by Corobrik at the South African Investment Conference at Sandton in 2019, this is the first new investment made by the proudly South African company since 1984. “Our new factory in Driefontein is creating exciting possibilities for sustainability, efficiency and productivity,” comments CEO Nick Booth.

Kwastina represents a significant change in the level of technology being introduced by Corobrik. It is fully automated, from mixing the raw materials to the end product. A major advantage is that it will easily be able to meet larger-volume orders, especially for the major construction and infrastructure project anticipated in the government’s R100 billion Infrastructure Fund.

Believed to be the most technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly brick-manufacturing plant in Africa, it will slash brick-manufacturing costs by 50%, making it much cost-effective for end users, in addition to 70% less gas consumption. Kwastina will be capable of producing 100 million bricks a year.

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