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We were once the World Cup Champions of mining. Now more and more international companies are looking to abandon their South African operations and focus on more lucrative mining projects elsewhere in Africa, South Africa and Australia.

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It’s not often that I would disagree with construction or engineering associations but I was surprised when I heard that the Consulting Engineers of South Africa (Cesa) came out in support of e-tolls and said that it was a good thing that South Africans are paying to use the roads.

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It’s bad enough that cable thieves are stealing copper cables everywhere and selling these cables to crooked scrapmetal merchants at bargain basement prices.  Or that other thieves are stealing support cables for make pipelines that are suspended across valley in different parts of the country.

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I think it’s high time that more and more municipalities adopted the attitude of the Bronkhorstspruit authorities who have decided not to rebuild the clinic that was torched in Rethabiseng township after angry service delivery protests in the area.

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Some newspaper reports over the past few weeks have suggested that the water supply crisis in Madibeng is behind the needless deaths of several residents in different townships.  Being pedantic it’s quite obvious that it’s not the water shortage but the people’s behaviour that led to those deaths, but let’s put that aside for a moment.

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Unruly, violent protestors caused havoc in the Zithobeni township in Bronkhorstspruit over the past two weeks and much as been said and written about how these protestors got completely out of hand in their demands for proper services after the Tshwane Metropolitan Council merged with Bronkhorstspruit.

If the government can be as generous as it is to it’s own people (like President Jacob Zuma, Dina Pule or Tina Joemat-Pettersson) then surely it can be at least a little more generous to the many business that generate the gross domestic product that fills South Africa’s tax coffers.  At least that’s what I would have thought.

If a privately owned company was owed R122-million by its own staff I have no doubt that its shareholders would kick up a huge fuss and would send the entire board of directors and the executive management team packing.

Read Paddy Hartedegen’s thoughts on this matter.

For hundreds of years the Robin Hood notion has been considered quite noble, justified and honourable when, in fact, it’s the very opposite: it is disruptive, undermining and economically fateful.  Its simple crookery.

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