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Electricity and Control May 2021 coverUpfront in this May 2021 edition of Electricity + Control, Editorial Technical Director, Professor Ian Jandrell, notes the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers’ (SAIEE’s) launch of a Lightning Chapter. Research is ongoing in this area; there is always more to learn about lightning and the significant risk and impact it presents. The chapter is open to anyone who has an interest in the phenomenon; registration for membership can be submitted via the SAIEE website.

Further in this issue, in the feature on Control systems + automation, we look at two local projects – in South Africa and Botswana.

We report on Afrox’s new speciality gases manufacturing plant in Germiston near Johannesburg, automated to enable high accuracy, high efficiency production of a wide range of simple to complex customised gas mixes. The new facility, fully designed and commissioned in-house, marks a valuable investment in the local manufacturing arena and enables Afrox to meet the growing demand for speciality gases in South Africa and neighbouring southern African countries.

Looking at another close-to-home project, Siemens reports on the work done by its Francistown, Botswana-based Solution Partner Moreflow, in supplying the automation and electrical equipment as well as a comprehensive remote monitoring package for the Thune Dam water treatment works. The plant and related distribution network supply clean water on tap to some 40 000 people living in rural communities in central Botswana.

In the field of Drives, motors + switchgear, Zest WEG, South African subsidiary of the global WEG Group and the market leader in the supply of industrial motors in southern Africa, has taken the bold step of introducing the new super premium efficiency IE4 motors to South Africa. With this move it is supporting customers’ efforts to reduce electricity usage and costs, and will help curb demand on the tight national electricity supply. Leigh Darroll interviewed Fanie Steyn, Manager, Electric Motors at Zest WEG, about the built-in benefits the new motor offers.

Sensors are increasingly key to digitalisation and Industry 4.0 – used to monitor and provide data on processes, plant and equipment at all stages of production and in diverse applications. In Sensors + switches we look at just some of the different types of sensors leading the market today.

In Plant maintenance, test + measurement we explore the use of non-destructive testing in machine maintenance. WearCheck, which is well respected internationally as a condition monitoring specialist, has extended its advanced field services to include non-destructive testing. Adri Ludick, NDT Manager, outlines the process and benefits of various non-destructive testing techniques and where they are best applied.

There’s also more to learn about how industry can support, and benefit from, temporary employment solutions as an on-the-job skills development option; cyber safety for SMEs; the potential for e-fuels and the emerging need for more efficient electrolysis processes; and Write @ the back – the possibilities of using autonomous mobile robots for home deliveries.

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