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Electricity and Control December 2017This year has reminded me of Twitter … the frantic scrolling down the page, getting to the bottom – going back up – only to scroll down, back up and down, again and again! Bits and bytes of information about everything and about nothing zooming through my head … going everywhere and going nowhere! Depending on your age, you might believe (as I do) that the 21st Century world is science fiction come true. It is a changed world; another world – and fascinating, if you are able to make sense of it.

Here we are, at the end of 2017 and the question to ask is: How can we keep up with the technological developments that are taking place as quickly as it takes to Tweet?

Well, reading the articles in the December issue (and other issues) of Electricity+Control, of course, is one way of keeping up! It’s all in there … for you. Enjoy our magazine – and remember that we welcome articles and news … of the engineering kind.

Be happy and safe over the next few weeks … and do try to slow down the Twitter!

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Electricity+Control, December 2017: Articles

COVER STORY: SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa has delivered 67 MOVIGEAR® mechatronic integrated drive units to a major glass-manufacturing facility in the Western Cape in a record turnaround time of six week. (Full story on page 23).


  • Control systems + automation

Cures – Not Remedies – in a Digitally Connected World   Goran Novkovic, Valiver

Goran Novkovic believes that we should promote and improve a cybersecurity culture that will lead to the development of cybersecurity programs for any organisation with the ultimate goal of protecting critical infrastructure in the African continent.

Digital Transformation: Industry 4.0 and Collaborating Robotics: How do we cope with societal discourse?   Victor Marques, Omron South Africa

A strong message from Victor Marques highlighting the pace at which technology is developing and suggesting that for Industry 4.0 to be fully realised, primary and tertiary schooling curricula should be addressed to keep up with technological developments.


  • Transformers + substations

Mitigation of GHG Emissions: Now an Obligation for South African Companies   Silvana Claassen, CES South Africa

Are you aware that on 21 December 2017 Companies must submit their first Pollution Prevention Plan (PPP) covering the period 21 July – 31 December 2020?

Condition Monitoring Breaks Barriers to Achieve Total Fluid Management   Annemie Willer, WearCheck

Preventing the Skills Drain from Undermining Maintenance   Information provided by Marthinusen & Coutts, a division of ACTOM

Maintenance should never take a back seat – conducting planned maintenance activities will save the high cost of unplanned downtime and more serious repairs.

Mechatronics: Answer to Reduced Costs, Energy Consumption in Electrical Drive Engineering   Norman Maleka, SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa

Lowering energy costs in this area has a significant potential to reduce overall costs and energy consumption.


  • Flow measurement

 TOC or COD? That is the question   Jan Swart, Endress + Hauser

Which parameter is the correct one for measuring the organic load in the wastewater of the food industry?

Effect of Surface BAC Water Flow on Deep Level Mine Temperatures   HG Brand, M Kleingeld, P Maré and AJ Schutte, North-West University

The authors investigate the effect of varying the flow rate of the BAC on underground temperatures.


  • Hazardous areas + safety

Intrinsically Safe Tool Cuts Hours From Daily Troubleshooting   Sat Sandhu, Fluke Corporation

Describing a thermometer, accurate and easy to use – ideal for use in the challenging environments of oil refineries.

The Natural Gas Revolution in South Africa: A Changing Energy Landscape   Information provided by CNG Holdings, partner of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)

Recent on- and off-shore discoveries of significant quantities of natural gas in Southern Africa represent a new dawn for the region’s energy landscape.

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