Brady South Africa is offering customers an opportunity to exchange their current portable label printers for the newest professional label printer at no cost, or at a 50% discount when purchasing Brady label consumables for the new printer.

    Brady is offering customers a limited opportunity to exchange their label printers.

Brady label printers are easy to work with and support users in creating the labels they need. Depending on the model, fast printing, clear displays, WiFi-connection, USB-ports, easy label material switching and auto-calibration all work together to offer a great label printing experience for effective identification of cables, components, products and facilities.

Printed with Brady’s label printers, Brady industrial grade labels stay attached and remain legible. The company’s material science teams have created label constructions with durable materials that stay attached firmly to round or flat surfaces and can survive high heat, extreme cold, oil, chemicals, abrasion, UV-exposure and other challenging conditions. Brady labels are tested in line with international test methods so whatever is labelled, stays labelled.

Until 31/07/2020 customers can swap their current portable label printer for the newest label printer from Brady free of charge, or at less 50% when purchasing label consumables for the new printer. Before deciding to swap, customers can check which Brady printer they can receive in the exchange, obtain some label samples and view a demonstration to experience the identification labelling advances available. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information visit BRADY South Africa: www.bradysouthafrica.com

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