This year at the Hanover Messe, Omron, as part of its exhibition, would have offered visitors the opportunity to experience a real life demonstration of the Smart Factory – a scaled version of a smart factory with innovative robots, cobots, and AI solutions, as well as a demonstration how these technologies can support people and cooperate to create a cost-efficient and harmonious working environment.

                     The Mobile Manipulator solution from Omron.

The Smart Factory fuses intelligent, interactive and integrated solutions and showcases the practical use of collaborative production that unlocks human potential. Among Omron’s solutions, the Mobile Manipulator – MoMa – is ideal for the production of smaller lot sizes.


Combining a cobot arm with a mobile robot, the MoMa is a new breed of robots with all the benefits and none of the limitations of using only a cobot or only a mobile robot. The MoMa consists of a mobile, wheeled base, and a highly dexterous collaborative robotic arm with integrated machine technology. The MoMa robot provides full flexibility in handling as well as operational mobility.

MoMa functions as a complete, comprehensive robotics solution, able to perform various tasks including machine tending, automated knitting, assembly, packing and palletizing, automated pick and retrieval, and gluing and sealing. When part of an integrated production line, MoMa can be seamlessly redeployed for multiple tasks as needed, increasing the value and operational utility of the robot.

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