by Tim Sowell and Johanne Greenwood, Schneider Electric

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Electricity+Control, March 2016 (pages 4 – 9)

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Smart Cities Real time infrastructure control systems

For most growing cities, service continuity and citizen safety are two ongoing challenges. Although city managers may passionately want to improve the quality of life of their citizens, a city is only as good as its underlying physical infrastructure (i.e. power and water systems, safety systems, traffic management, etc).

Achieving such a level of responsiveness requires operational real-time control over the city and its systems. Crafting this type of solution would incorporate the city’s physical assets, the service workforce, the changing landscape of the environment, and the movement and behaviour of citizens. To achieve real time actionable decisions, visibility of the city situation in the NOW is required. This visibility must be coupled with the ability to enable the workforce to act upon systems in order to control fluid situations.

The value of the physical infrastructure relies on real-time control in order to maximise payback from the initial capital investments.

Take note

· To achieve real time actionable decisions, visibility of the city situation in the NOW is required.

· A real time control system is a computer system combined with instrumentation (sensors) that operators rely on to keep services running.

· A real-time platform enables the systems operators within city infrastructure departments to gather information to avoid service disruption.

Read the full article on Smart Cities: Real-time infrastructure control systems in low res PDF format.


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