by Doron Kowensky, H3iSquared

As technology is emerging to help make our lives easier, there could be certain security risks that come with it.

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Electricity+Control, November 2016 (pages 8, 9)

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Remote Access Solutions How when and which CloudsMost, if not all, control systems are in the process of migrating or have migrated to an Ethernet-based solution for their backbone communication infrastructure. There are numerous motivations for this such as expandability, open standards, security ... and many more. Once customers start enjoying some of the benefits from Ethernet, their next question is: How can they get secure remote access to their systems? This request has become extremely popular over recent years from remote engineering access to home users wanting to view IP Cameras or even control devices in their houses.

While I do enjoy making use of the easy set-up for cloud based solutions I do find it very concerning that potentially highly confidential information and access would be stored on hardware that you are NOT responsible for. If you are not responsible for the hardware who would take ownership for lost or stolen data upon an incident?

Take note

• The Cloud solution is generally hosted by a third party provider.
• There have been numerous Cloud breaches following Cloud hacks.
• Steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of data if using Cloud-based solutions.

Read the full article on Remote Access Solutions: How, when and which Clouds? in PDF format.

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