Mwali Kawawa and Michael Ashley from Air Liquide, along with SAIW’s Shelton Zichawo, discuss a recent collaboration between Air Liquide and the SAIW to qualify and certify Air Liquide’s welding gas and filler material combinations, which are designed to make welding consumable choices easier and more certain for South Africa’s welding industry.

Mark Newby of Eskom Research, Testing and Development, and Corney van Rooyen of the CSIR’s National Laser Centre talk about the longstanding bilateral collaboration between ESKOM and the CSIR on high impact refurbishment projects, including the repair of PTR-tanks in the nuclear industry, a laser metal deposition tenon re-build on turbine blades, and other turbine rotor, blade and understrap repairs.

For 27 years the Cosmo Group has been on a quest to transform South Africa’s welding market. African Fusion catches up with Group director, Pierre van Nieuwenhuizen; general manager, Petrus Pretorius; newly appointed sales manager, Jaques Botha; and training manager, Emma Britz, about adding eCommerce with online support services and training to its offering, while reinforcing its total solutions offering for welders and fabrication companies of any size.

Following nearly 12 months of onsite use for general overhauls (GOs) on boilers by Hydra-Arc, Afrox’s Multi-User Pressure Panel (MUPP) is now ready for wider industrial deployment. African Fusion talks to Matthew Alfonso, Hydra-Arc’s onsite manager, about the history and value of this safe, efficient and convenient shielding gas delivery solution.

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