ABB has introduced new IEC low voltage (LV) flameproof motors in smaller frame sizes that deliver safety, reliability and efficiency.

ABBs new smaller flameproof motors offer safety and reliability ABB’s new low voltage IEC (LV) flameproof motors in frame sizes 80-132 offer the same safety and efficiency features usually found in ABB’s larger products. These motors are ideal for use in hazardous and explosive environments, typically found in the chemical, mining, and oil and gas industries. 

Despite being smaller, the motors are flexible enough to allow customers to add features like bearing vibration and temperature monitors which can alert operators to performance issues. This ensures maintenance occurs to prevent unexpected downtime. An advanced surface treatment applied to the motors means they can withstand the toughest conditions, for example those on an offshore oil rig.

“Based on customer feedback, we designed the smaller flameproof motors with the same options and safety features found in larger ABB flameproof motors,” says Tom Eklöf, Product Manager, IEC low voltage motors, ABB. “We can now offer customers an IE3 low voltage flameproof range that covers frame sizes 80 up to 450 that deliver safety, reliability and long operational life.

The motors have multiple lifting lugs that makes them easier to handle. The option to fit an auxiliary terminal box enhances safety in applications where sensors or anti-condensation heaters are needed, because it keeps the auxiliary connections separate from the motor supply terminal box.

The motors are available in IE2 and IE3 efficiency classes.  They are supplied with ATEX and global IECEx certification, and are certified for use with variable speed drives.  The motors are available in 2-8 pole versions, in all common voltages, for both 50 and 60 Hz.

ABB offers a complete IE3 range of standard, flameproof (Ex db and Ex db eb), increased safety (Ex ec) and dust ignition protection (Ex t) motors, meeting the needs of customers in countries where these types of motors are covered by Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements.

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