ExxonMobil and its authorised distributor in South Africa, Centlube, are to join forces with Michelin Truck Service Centre (MTSC) and Laser Fast Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment (Truck Stop) to add a new and exciting dimension to the truck stop concept.

MTSC Laser Fast is a one-stop service centre, for all heavy-duty vehicles where all repairs and checks are done on customer vehicles, including brake testing with sophisticated equipment and oil changing. With the addition of ExxonMobil and Centlube, premium products will now be added to the truck stop facilities.

MTSC Laser Fast Launch

“By combining the expertise of Michelin and ExxonMobil to expand our workshop, we can now provide our customers with some of the world’s leading brands supported by unparalleled service. Together we can build an unrivalled offering in the wheel and tyre fitment, as well as in the lubricant market, and thus strengthen our position further as industry experts,” says Henry Young, MD of Laser Fast Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment.

“Our ‘one-stop-shop’ concept focuses on the truck and bus industry, not only on tyre-related services but also diversifying into products and services that vehicles may need while they are off the road. That is why we couldn’t pass an opportunity to partner with ExxonMobil,” says Gaganjot Singh, commercial director, Michelin Tyre Company South Africa.

“We were first on Michelin’s list when they were looking for a partner to align with, to make this truck stop one of a kind. This was thanks to ExxonMobil’s worldwide reputation and technologically advanced products,” says Clint Nickall, CEO of Centlube.

“Distributors are a key enabler for successful implementation of our value proposition, they are our primary route to market, already delivering more than 70% of the ExxonMobil lubes globally. ExxonMobil believes that distributors create value for our customers. They provide the requisite customer intimacy, which supports our operational and technical excellence,” says Andreas Hadjidimitriadis, ExxonMobil field marketing adviser, Southern Africa and Nigeria.

“Centlube has maximised our geographic reach and achieved superior customer engagement and service levels. It provides a local presence with local inventory to provide for more flexible customer service, and creating lasting relationships, demonstrating our capabilities and increased commitment to the South African market and further into the African continent,” adds Hadjidimitriadis.

Centlube is expecting its involvement in MTSC Laser Fast to have a significant impact on sales. “In the initial phase, there is the potential for ExxonMobil Delvac MX 15W40 to see sales estimated at about 1 040 l per month,” says Nickall. “Monthly usage is expected to increase once awareness has been created and new customers sign.”

Hadjidimitriadis says challenges for the trucking and fleet industry pertaining particularly to commercial vehicle operators include variable fuel prices, cost efficiency regarding running and maintenance of older and newer trucks, as well as squeezed haulage rates. In addition, operators are faced with helping customers meet their own sustainability targets and minimising empty run rates.

The partners’ intention behind their involvement with MTSC Laser Fast is to assist the fleet owner. “Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 is specifically designed to keep your fleet on the road for longer, giving you longer drain intervals and less downtime. Mobil Delvac MX 15W40 can increase your energy efficiency, saving you money on fuel consumption and is the ideal product,” says Nickall.

“Michelin Tyre Company South Africa is excited to partner with Laser Fast Truck and Trailer Alignment. Our goal is to ensure that we always meet our customers’ needs, hence we strive daily to demonstrate our responsiveness, our passion and our innovative capabilities through quality products, cost-effective solutions and increased safety at all times,” adds Singh.

“We are excited to become part of the MTSC Laser Fast enterprise. By combining our expertise, we can provide our customers with some of the world’s leading brands and an unparalleled service,” concludes Singh.

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