PPC has launched an improved and extended product range. The new SURE RANGE expands the cement giant’s product portfolio to six products, each carefully designed for a specific application.

“This is probably the most significant rebranding and refocusing in 100-plus years. It signals a greater customer focus, because each of these products has been scientifically formulated to provide the best solution for specific applications,” says Njombo Lekula, Managing Director, PPC RSA Business. “It’s more than that: it’s also a vote of confidence in our country and its potential for growth. PPC keeps innovating in its drive to go beyond and support this growth.”

The construction industry is often one the first sectors to feel economic headwinds and has been in a state of steady decline since the fourth quarter of 2013. However, PPC believes that fresh leadership in Government, and particularly President Ramaphosa’s ambitious investment drive, will be game-changers. Already, substantial investments from Saudi Arabia and China have been secured.

Another potential growth catalyst could be the 10th BRICS summit that took place in South Africa between  25 – 27 July 2018. Themed Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the BRICS summit will provide an opportunity to foster collaboration and trade between members of this powerful bloc.

“Economies are the ultimate shape shifters, responding very quickly to changing sentiment and conditions,” argues Lekula. “Growth will return, and the economy will shift fast – and we will be ready.”

Mr Lekula says that the new SURE RANGE is a direct response to market demand for a range of products designed for specific applications. The brand line-up comprises SUREWALL, SURECEM, SUREOAD, SUREBUILD, SURECAST and SURETECH. Two of the products, that is SUREWALL and SURECAST are new, while the others are existing products rebranded and, as required, redesigned.

It’s not just about the 6 products that we’re launching. Our brand positioning of “Strength Beyond’ encapsulates the limitless possibilities we see as we strive to fulfil our purpose: We exist to empower people to experience a better quality of life.”

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