The Schneider Electric Academy hosted by Schneider Electric South Africa (SESA) offers a comprehensive range of training courses in the field of energy management and automation. The company encourages anyone in the field of energy to register for upcoming in-class trainings or on-demand online courses at its Training Services Portal  

Schneider Training Adcademy

The Schneider Electric Academy offers a range of classroom training and online courses that support the development of knowledge and skills in energy management and automation.

Classroom training is offered in the following categories:

  • Automation and drives
  • Building management
  • Critical power and cooling services
  • Electrical distribution and energy automation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home automation
  • Medium voltage systems
  • MES (manufacturing execution systems ) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition systems)
  • Protection and control
  • Power solutions hardware and software
  • Remote terminal units
  • Substation automation
  • Technology day workshops
  • Telemetry

In addition, the Schneider Electric Academy offers a range of online courses. Dilaine Subban, Schneider Electric Academy coordinator at SESA, highlights that as these courses are available 24/7, “students can learn anywhere, anytime and at their own pace and convenience”.

Subban flags the newly launched technical and non-technical courses on electrical safety related topics as courses of particular interest for the South African energy management sector. All these courses are aimed at those who work in environments with electrical risk and/or their managers, including health and safety managers, while some are tailored to more specific fields of operation or interest.

  • Arc flash prevention This online course is designed to increase students’ knowledge of electrical risk fundamentals, arc flash prevention and regulation, and to improve students’ decision-making capacity to minimise risk and optimise safety.
  • Electrical risk prevention This e-learning programme is designed to inform students on international electrical risk prevention rules and increase their knowledge of electrical risk fundamentals.
  • Electrical safety in the workplace for non-electrical staff This e-learning programme offers non-electrical staff insights into the fundamentals of electrical risk and supports safe behaviour in environments where such risks exist. The course is designed for factory workers, for example, and health and safety managers.
  • Electrical crisis management This e-learning programme covers crisis management basics (handling pressure, soft skills and communications) and how to deal with an unexpected event. It is aimed at operations and maintenance teams working in electrical substations and similar facilities.
  • Electrical distribution fundamentals This online course is designed to increase students’ knowledge of electrical distribution networks. It covers the basics of electrical engineering, the grid and main electrical distribution devices. This course is applicable to anyone involved in the electrical distribution and energy automation fields.

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