When auto body specialist Renew-it was planning the design of its new branch in Edenvale, Johannesburg, Flolite Lighting Manufacturers & Distributers was able to develop a new light fitting for the company, which would improve its service dramatically.

"We were approached by Justin Ferreira of Ferreira’s Electrical based in Edenvale and this wholesaler put us in touch with Renew-it,” explains Flolite owner, John De Wet. “The company needed lighting which would specifically match the correct colour temperatures required to expose blemishes on the vehicles it repairs. After initially suggesting two products – a 5000 K light fitting and a few edge lit panels – neither of which provided enough lumens per watt, and the colour rendering index was wrong, Flolite designed a solution.

Specialist lights for the panel beating industry

“Months ago we produced a board at 8700 K and, never thinking it would be used, we created  a fitting which Renew-it found was exactly what it needed. The Sky White light picked up an additional 22 blemishes on a demo car that had already been signed off. The client was very happy and we came to an agreement to install the fittings at this branch and eventually roll them out at all other Renew-it branches countrywide.” There are currently 550 fittings installed at the Edenvale branch with the possibility of more as the fit out comes to a close.

“Since we are lighting manufacturers, we will be able to manufacture the relevant fittings for the other branches, depending on the ceiling type. The fittings for the Edenvale branch are recessed into a 600 mm by 1200 mm ceiling panel, but we have the capabilities to create surface mounted or custom made fittings as well,” says De Wet. He notes that the product is manufactured locally using a Helvar driver supplied through Advanced Lighting Systems. “We have a great relationship with Clive Beeton and only use Helvar drivers because they are excellent quality. We are able to give the client a five year guarantee, which comes with a maintenance plan. Should any luminaire fail, we will swop it at our own cost, giving the client complete peace of mind". Quality isn't cheap, but in the long run it pays off. The installation was carried out by Myloflash (Flolite’s installation division), while the electrician was Tyrone Muller from Switched On Electricians.

"It has been a pleasure to work on this project,” says De Wet. “There were some time constraints, but overall, for a project of this magnitude, it’s been handled very well.” Ultimately, with the new light fittings, Renew-it will be able to provide a better service to customers with fewer comebacks on its work. “The success of the fitting comes down its colour rendering index and Sky White colour,” says De Wet, noting that this was hard to achieve as they needed to pull back the reds on the colour rendering index.

Flolite Manufacturing has been in operation for 33 years, with De Wet taking over the reins in September 2017. “Throughout its history, Flolite had not manufactured any LED fittings, and within six months of taking over we had 37 LED fittings,” he explains. “We supply canopy highbays for petrol stations as well as lighting for warehouses, parking lots and retail, notably the Spar Group. We are very excited about our outdoor parking light, at 56 000 lumens with a 75 m radius.”

Enquiries: sales@flolite.co.za

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