Samsung Electronics showcased its “user-centred design philosophy” at Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone. Designed to highlight Samsung’s design philosophy under the new slogan “Be Bold. Resonate with Soul,” the exhibition focused advanced connectivity and a multi-sensory experience.

User centred design

“Our design philosophy is always inspired by people. With millennials representing a growing demographic and changing the consumer culture in unique ways, Samsung is reinterpreting its user-centred design philosophy in a modern way,” Don Tae Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ Corporate Design Centre at said.

“One way in which millennials show their distinctive lifestyle is how they constantly yearn to discover new things and take on challenges, which calls for bold approach and creative designs. We aim to install our authenticity and emotional resonance into our designs that permeates through people’s daily lives.”

The installation features three different zones, each containing a series of maze-like spaces. The first zone, called “Empathy”, was a room filled with soft, colourful lighting designed to “awaken inner sentimentalities”. The Empathy room featured an installation called “Breathe in, Breathe out”, where visitors could create shapes that grew and shrunk as they breathed. Another installation in the room, “See Your Voice” allowed visitors to make patterns with light using their voices.

Another zone, “Immersion”, featured two further installations that focused on the movements of visitors. “Ripple of Senses” encouraged guests to take steps that created sounds and ripples of light on the floor, while “Resonating with Soul” was designed so that the audience could “become one with the artwork and complete their journey”. This zone was filled with colourful lights, accompanied by the sounds of stepping on pebbles.

“The transformation of everyday life that results in the interaction between people and objects is expressed in the form of perfect resonance between artwork and audience, which portrays the state of tomorrow that Samsung Design pursues,” the company said in a statement explaining the philosophy behind the exhibition.

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