Gold Fields’ South Deep Gold Mine has concluded a week-long COVID-19 vaccination programme. In total, 3 122 employees and contractors, representing 73% of the workforce, chose to take up the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Martin Preece executive vice president South Africa for Gold Fields

About 350 people – around 8% of the workforce – were unable to be vaccinated during the week of 26 July as they were within the recovery window from COVID-19, while a further 5% of employees were on leave. The opportunity will be extended to them and the remainder of South Deep employees in the coming weeks.

“This was a proud week to be part of an exceptional team. Our employees have demonstrated their commitment to being courageous leaders by taking care of themselves, their families, their communities, each other, our mine and our country. The overwhelming positive response and uptake of vaccinations is a clear vote of confidence for ours and the national vaccination drive,” says Martin Preece, executive vice president: South Africa for Gold Fields.

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