When a UK-based company was experiencing constant bearing failures on an autoclave bogie wheel assembly, expert guidance from NSK was sought to resolve the issue.

   Bearings for autoclave bogie wheel assemblies need to withstand high loads.

On average, the customer was witnessing bearing failures on the 10 axles of the autoclave bogie wheel assembly every two to three weeks. To make matters worse, the failures of the deep groove ball bearings were resulting in damage to the surrounding hardware (housings and axles), which in turn would lead to high labour and parts costs as components needed regular replacement.

NSK’s team of expert engineers performed a failed bearing analysis, during which it could be determined that the ingress of hard particulates and moisture, combined with excessive load, were the root cause of the premature bearing failures.

Concluding its application review, NSK could clearly show that the original deep groove ball bearings were inadequate. In this regard, the engineering team recommended changing to NSKHPS high-performance spherical roller bearings, which offer a specification far more suited to the demanding operating environment.

        NSKHPS spherical roller bearings can carry greater loads.

NSKHPS bearings are specifically designed to carry greater loads and operate at higher temperatures. With these attributes, users can achieve better service life and enhanced reliability, as the UK company soon discovered. As a result of making the switch to NSKHPS spherical roller bearings on its autoclave bogie wheel assembly, the need for ongoing maintenance has been totally eliminated, substantially reducing collateral damage to the surrounding components. In total, the customer has saved over R2M (€138,382) in reduced bearing, maintenance and hardware costs.

Established 100 years ago, NSK (Nippon Seiko Kabushiki Kaisha) is a Japanese-listed company that has evolved from a regional ball bearing supplier to a roller bearing specialist and automotive supplier with a global market presence. Today, NSK employs more than 31 860 employees in 30 countries. As at March 2018, NSK achieved a turnover of 1020 billion Yen. This result has been driven by ever-increasing investment in research & development, enabling the company to continuously improve the quality of its products and services. This investment supports NSK’s objective of ‘No. 1 in Total Quality’.

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