Two of last year’s top-achieving matric students in the Merafong area of Gauteng are pursuing their dreams in a scientific direction, thanks to support from the Omnia Group’s leading explosives company, BME.

BME bursary students hit the engineering books

Joe Keenan, MD of BME, has congratulated the bursary winners on earning the opportunity.

As part of its collaboration with the Merafong City Local Municipality, BME awarded bursaries to Tumelo Bodibe and Lizzy Bulo. Bodibe is now studying mechanical engineering at the University of Johannesburg, while Lizzy has chosen chemical engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

“I have always had the desire to know more about how machines, vehicles and electricity functions in industries and in our homes,” says Bodibe. “I look forward to gaining a working knowledge of computer applications, maths and physics – as well as a better understanding about social, environmental and economic factors in our country.”

Among his future aspirations are aeronautics and academia.

“I love flying and want to know what laws of physics govern flying – and what techniques could be employed to prevent aircraft crashes,” he says. “I could even see myself one day in the transport sector as an aeronautical engineer.”

He even hopes to become an academic one day, to transfer skills to the youth of the country. Either way, he acknowledges that his field of study will demand dedication, hard work and sincerity – developing not just his education but his personality too.

Bulo also has high hopes for her future – in chemical engineering. “Engineering brings solutions to problems,” she says, “and this is where my qualification will allow me to ‘do my own thing’ – in coming up with solutions to industry problems.”

She is also not going to be satisfied with just one field of study, but has an ambitious plan for pursuing various disciplines. “I want to pursue pharmaceutical science and then later medicine, so that I can combine these with my chemical engineering skills,” she says. 

BME’s contribution to its local communities in Merafong is aligned to its own innovative business strategies and technologies, which highlight the value of developing young people in scientific disciplines. A recent initiative has been BME’s sponsorship of the Merafong Community School mobile laboratory – allowing Grade 12 learners the Thuto Kitso and Imfundo secondary schools in Kokosi to conduct scientific experiments related to the matric syllabus.

Emphasising the mutual benefit arising from BME’s collaboration with the local community and municipality, BME CEO Joe Keenan congratulated the bursary winners on earning this opportunity and wished them well in their first year of tertiary study.

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