Legrand’s integrated healthcare solutions – which provide 24-hour support for the elderly and those in self-isolation – encompass a range of alarm and call systems, designed for safe and reliable use in private homes, retirement villages and nursing homes, as well as healthcare and assisted living facilities.

247 healthcare support to the elderly and those in self isolationThrough joint venture agreements with Neat, global leaders in telecare technology and Call4Care, providers of emergency response services - Legrand offers advanced telecare solutions that are easily accessible. According to Legrand specialists, the installation of dependable telecare systems is increasingly important now, during the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The healthcare system is stretched and ICU beds are limited, which means people need to recuperate at home.

Legrand’s Novo telecare system provides comfort and 24-hour support to the elderly and those in self-isolation needing medical assistance. This telecare system also gives peace of mind to family and loved ones far away.

A conventional panic button system, without two-way communication, is often not sufficient in a crisis. The newly launched Novo carephone system’s dependable alarm button and powerful, clear sound, enables quicker assessment and easier handling of any emergency situation.

Advanced Novo digital carephones have been developed by Neat for easy integration into a private home or other elderly care establishments. This system, which is easy to install and operate, improves safety, makes life easier for the elderly and those in self-isolation, as well as for their families and caregivers.

Novo carephones are used in conjunction with Smile waterproof portable radio transmitters, which are small, well designed devices, that are easy to wear as a pendant or bracelet, enabling the wearer to trigger an alert from anywhere in their home.

In the event of a fall, or any emergency situation, a light touch on the red alarm button of the radio transmitter automatically contacts the Call4Care emergency call centre. A clear voice connection with a trained care operator is immediately established, who quickly assesses what is needed and reacts appropriately.

The Novo digital telecare system is a completely new intelligently designed end-to-end digital concept, where the interior and exterior features optimise all functionalities for high quality care.

These flexible devices have three possibilities for communication – IP, GSM and analogue. A built-in, high power speaker and sensitive microphone provide exceptional acoustics for both parties during an alarm call. Battery back-up maintains functionality for speech alarms and digital supervision for up to 450 hours.

To ensure an efficient, uninterrupted service, configurations and regular software updates, with latest improvements and functionalities, are carried out remotely.

The response centre is operated 24 hours a day on the Legrand NEAT call management system by Call4Care’s highly trained team.

Legrand’s range of Neat customer-specific solutions extend from dependable carephone systems, to advanced accessory systems with radio transmitter add-ons and the latest software solutions.

Enquiries: legrand.south-africa@legrand.co.za

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