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LightinginDesign AugSep 2017For the founder of Lightemotion, Francois Roupinian, 180 Wellington is an important lighting design project. It is one of the first illumination projects within the Master Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct of Ottawa to be completed, and demonstrates what the capital aspires to portray; a lighting plan that brings the subtlety of grand architecture to light and sets the tone for a luminous environment at night.

180Wellington 3It is indeed a beautiful installation, highlighting key architectural features, showing off the natural stone of the façade and maintaining a cohesive luminous environment with the neighbouring buildings.

The lighting design is managed through a DALI lighting control system that allows each fixture to be controlled individually and the lighting levels to be tailored to suit the various sections of the building. The result is spectacular.

Sasol webLighting in the iconic Sasol head office on Katherine Street in Sandton is also managed by a DALI based light management system. In this instance it was employed primarily to manage energy usage, and makes use of daylight harvesting, occupancy control, personal control and smart time scheduling. It too can control lighting by floor, zone or individual features.

Light management systems are fast moving from ‘nice-to-have’ to essential components of a building. While a few years ago energy saving was about LEDs, it is now about LEDs managed by a system where each luminaire reports on how much energy it is saving and where waste can be reduced through light management. And, if the management system is wireless, the system becomes suitable for retrofitting as well as new construction, in the process creating a host of work opportunities, including continued involvement as the provider who services the lighting system.

Vigilant Office webWhile one of the most important values of a light management system is undoubtedly the financial benefits it can offer, no financial value can be placed on a beautifully controlled lighting design that brings out the best in the structure it is illuminating.

This issue of Lighting in Design is about projects both local and international and the stories range from malls to museums, offices to restaurants and from managed light to statement lighting.

Enjoy the read!

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