Spazio aims to be at the forefront of innovation and to bring the best quality and value for money products to the market. With this in mind, the company have decided to expand its range to include some street pole lights as well.

Spazio introduces new range of street pole products

The first product Spazio introduced in 2018 was the Beppe 400. This modern luminaire is made up of shockproof resin, it is UV stabilised and is rust and corrosion free, making it suitable for installation at the coast as well. The clear diffuser is made up of UV-ray stabilised polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). The Beppe 400 comes complete with a 50 W, high power, long life LED E27 lamp, with an impressive raw Lumen of 5300. This fitting also comes complete with its own 2,5 m Ektor pole and cage for secure fixing to concrete foundations.

As a result of the popularity of the Beppe 400, Spazio have decided to expand the range of street pole luminaires to include:

Gino 400

The Gino 400 is similar to the Beppe 400 in terms of size, the anti-corrosion material used as well as the high power E27 LED that it is supplied with. This fitting however is not supplier with the Ektor pole. This means that the luminaire can be installed on any 60 mm pole of any length.

Giorgio and Rosa

The Giorgio and Rosa are post top systems with single or double luminaires made up of shockproof resin that is UV-rays stabilis ed and rust and corrosion free with an IP rating of 66. The fittings include a bracket which allows for the head to be adjusted up or down to direct the light emission of the fittings in the desired direction. These fittings are also supplied complete with 4 x 10 W high power GX53 lamps per luminaire.

Ektor Pole

The Ektor Pole is a modern lighting pole made up of a single piece of material without any joints. It is made up of shockproof composite resin material (steel-expanse-resin) which is UV-ray stabilised as well as corrosion and rust free. No maintenance or painting required. A unique post technology is used which gives the post the same strength features as a metal post but with the advantage of it being rust and corrosion resistant.

The inner structure of the pole is made up of structural galvanized metal. The outer layer consists of shockproof resin which is rust and corrosion free. In between these two layers there is a thick layer of high-density rigid polyurethane which provides lightweight and durable cohesion between the inner metal post and outer resin cover. The pole has a diameter of 60 mm making it suitable for use with a large number of post tops including the Gino 400, Giorgio and Rosa. This pole stands at 3,5 m tall and comes complete with an inspection door and fuse holder as well as a cage for fixing into concrete foundations.

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