Dekra Industrial recently celebrated the annual ‘World Day for Safety and Health at Work’ by showcasing its commitment to entrenching a culture of safety.

Dekra Industrial celebrates World Day For Safety and Health

“This day is acknowledged internationally to promote occupational safety and the prevention of accidents and diseases,” says Carina Kleinhans, Dekra Industrial’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager. “The focus for 2022 was ‘enhancing social dialogue towards a culture of safety and health’ and we set out to do just that, by arranging time for our employees around the country to attend presentations and hold their own conversations about safety: with great success.”

Kleinhans explains that different branches set out to acknowledge this important day in different ways: “I discussed this opportunity with the branch safety practitioners and asked each of them to plan it in a way that worked for their branch – with the overall goal of raising safety awareness among employees nationwide. Each branch then ensured that they took time out of their busy schedules to sit down and have these all-important safety conversations. Dekra-branded cupcakes and snacks, as well as gift bags, were also on the agenda!”

Kleinhans says employees are also aware of the important ripple effect of safety awareness at work. “Family units are dependent on those key members who are employed. If a person is injured at work, other family members are affected – and not just from a remuneration perspective. It is important to remind ourselves that our human lives are precious, and this celebration and commemoration in Dekra Industrial branches around the country of safety awareness and culture did just that.”

Managing Director of Dekra Industrial RSA, Johan Gerber, adds: “I commend the company’s managers, health and safety practitioners, and all our employees around the country, for this excellent initiative!

It was very heart-warming to see once again that at Dekra Industrial, we are all ‘Heroes of Safety’ – every day, and in every way – in our mindset and our actions. This is what builds a successful and sustainable culture of safety within our company, for the ultimate benefit not only of our own team, but of our families and our clients too.”


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