Handling tyres with diameters from 36 inch to 90 inch is now a safe, simple, and efficient operation thanks to a new Industrial Wheel Mover attachment introduced locally by Bobcat Equipment South Africa, part of the Goscor Group.

The latest product joins a comprehensive range of over 130 attachments available from Bobcat. “Our robust, unique Industrial Wheel Mover has been designed and engineered specifically for the efficient removal and perfect positioning of large wheels,” explains Bobcat Equipment South Africa’s National Sales Manager, Andre Steenkamp.

Bobcat Wheel MoverBobcat Equipment SA’s Industrial Wheel Mover.

The unit weighs 214 kg, and boasts a lifting capacity of up to 1 700 kg. It is reportedly capable of handling tyres safely on any large vehicles or machinery operating in the construction, mining, agricultural, mining, forestry, and general industrial sectors.

“Bobcat identified a specific need in the market for this type of attachment, and therefore set about designing the Industrial Wheel Mover in conjunction with a specialist company,” says Steenkamp. “Changing or moving a large tractor or sprayer tyre is no longer an arduous task, thanks to this new attachment.”

In addition to the major advantage of enhanced safety and added convenience, end users also stand to benefit from additional cost-savings. “Instead of production being interrupted in order for an integrated tool handler or front-end loader having to remove a wheel, we now offer our customers a convenient, practical, and affordable solution that delivers a quick return on investment,” Steenkamp points out.

The Industrial Wheel Mover has no complex hydraulics, translating into few wear-and-tear components, and low operational and maintenance requirements. It is simply fitted to a pallet fork, or connected with a standard Bob-Tach™ for skidsteer loaders.

The attachment features a right-lean safety bar, in addition to a safety arm that is adjustable from side to side in order to fit around fenders, as well as holding the tyre securely in place during transportation. Tyre rotation is facilitated by three rollers on each side.

A versatile Tyre Safety Rack is also available, which is equally easy to move with a forklift or a set of pallet forks on a front-end loader. The rack features adjustable uprights to accommodate different tyre sizes.

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