Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has delivered and commissioned the first DR461i (now identified as the DR412i) rotary blast-hole drill to the African continent. This next generation blast-hole drill drastically improves productivity while returning better-than-ever fuel efficiency and vastly improved availability compared with its predecessor, says Sandvik.

           The Sandvik DR412i rotary blast-hole drill.

The DR412i has several unique features that work to protect operators and maintenance employees. Foremost of these is its emphasis on creating space for accessibility and visibility which starts at the operator’s cab and extends to work areas and routine maintenance ports. Work areas are optimised to serve productivity with the entire layout of the rig optimised for ergonomic functionality and safety in line with worldwide standards and guidelines including Mining Design Guidelines (MDG) and Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT).

The DR412i is equipped with the Sandvik Compressor Management System (CMS), which effectively isolates the compressor from the motor, saving up to 30 % on fuel with a proportional increase in engine and compressor life while reducing carbon emissions.

The drill rig offers a host of automation features to further improve performance. These include line of sight remote control options which allow a single operator to control multiple rigs, or more advanced tele-remote-control operations allowing operation from a remote location using cameras, sensors, software and vehicle telemetry.

The Sandvik DR412i is designed to drill blast holes with a diameter of 216 – 311 mm to a maximum multi-pass depth of up to 75 m. It can be fitted for both down-the-hole (DTH) drilling and rotary drilling and has a CAN-Bus-controlled hydraulic system for higher availability.

The machine has a rigid undercarriage construction which increases stability to allow for more drive power.

Smart in-cab maintenance control features also reduce operator interventions and play a significant role in improving the overall operation of the rig.

Next generation auto-levelling, no-hands drill bit changes, full visibility of drilling operation, shock-mounted cab, function lockout fail-safe programming and touch screen operation also contribute to improved productivity and safety. On the outside the rig boasts improved serviceability through a 360 deg catwalk system, optional hydraulic actuated main-access stairway and other features.

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