Atlas Copco’s innovative surface dewatering pump ranges are defined by high performance, reliability, long lifecycle and ease of use, making them the preferred choice of countless industries that put them to work in multiple applications.

The rugged PAS dry self-priming and PAC H high head dewatering surface pump series feature a smart design, cutting-edge technology, quality components and advanced manufacturing to deliver best-in-class pumping solutions even in stringent environments.

Atlas Copco offers smart surface dewatering solutions

The Atlas Copco Group has aligned itself with the UN sustainable goals and the Paris Agreement during product development and manufacturing practices. In line with the Group’s commitment in 2022, to follow science-based targeting with regards to emission reductions and global warming, efforts are focused on the development of more efficient, greener, carbon neutral products that offer sustainable solutions to customers and end-users.

“Our pumps are certainly no exception,” says Sarel Bekker, Business Development Manager at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “Our comprehensive range of super-efficient, robust, compact, versatile and easy-to-service pumps get the job done seamlessly while being respectful to the environment. We have a good understanding of pumps and their application and we listen to what our customers and end-users need.

The PAS range of fully automatic dry self-priming centrifugal pumps serve as a prime example of Atlas Copco’s commitment to developing smaller, lighter products. “Our PAS range deliver the five ‘easies’ i.e. easy to use, stack, pack, move and maintain,” highlights Bekker. “Thanks to a modular design, one pump is capable of covering multiple requirements. The need for fewer pumps combined with fast easy manoeuvrability enhance uptime and productivity.”

Equipped with a high efficiency hydraulic end, the PAS pump range consumes very little fuel irrespective of the operating conditions. This market-leading fuel efficiency also means that these units are able to operate continuously for 24 hours. All these value adding features help to reduce Operational Expenditure (OPEX) for ultimate lowest total cost of ownership.

The PAS range delivers a maximum flow capacity of 2100 m3/h, with a maximum head of 75 m and an outlet size of 100 - 300 mm. These fit-for-purpose diesel pump systems are equipped with several features that render them particularly well suited for mining applications. With the ability of working with clean or dirty water and handling trash and fibrous materials with ease, these pumps can pump, raise and transport liquids with solids of up to 100 mm in suspension over long distances without the risk of clogging. This exceptional solids-handling capability is due to the inclusion of a centrifugal pump with a semi-open impeller and an abrasion-resistant pump casting.

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