Seequent has partnered with Denver-based OreControl Blasting Consultants, developer of OrePro 3D software.  

Nick Fogarty Seequent

                                                                   Nick Fogarty, GM Mining & Minerals at Seequent.

Seequent GM Mining and Minerals Nick Fogarty says mining companies look for ways to improve their operating efficiency. He says more rock can be sent to the processing plant by reducing ore loss and dilution.

“OrePro 3D software has already been adopted by many large mining companies who are using the solution to improve yields and operating efficiency, which in turn reduces the operation’s environmental impact,” he says.

The software solution allows geologists to model the movement of ore during blasting in order to delineate ore and waste more accurately for efficient downstream handling. It employs 3D modelling and visualisation techniques, said to revolutionise how geologists determine ore boundaries and select dig directions.  

OreControl co-founder William Hunt says operating efficiency and commercial returns are improved by highlighting the location of the pay material post-blast, and then optimising dig blocks accordingly. The value of additional recoveries after a single blast can represent immediate return on investment and resources can also be extracted using less energy and water. 

OrePro 3D embeds in mines’ ore control processes with seamless data integration with up- and down-stream systems, and intuitive workflows. It includes a tool which shows the financial impact to mines of different mining scenarios. 

Fogarty says the product partnership with OreControl, is “another area where best of breed geoscience modelling techniques and 3D visualisation create value for our customers.” He says the solution can be used without direct measurement, which removing the need for transmitters.  

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