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Sparks Electrical News March 2020Lightcycle SA is a non-profit producer responsibility organisation (PRO) established in 2018. The organisation’s objective is to promote the compliant and sound end of life management of lighting and associated equipment with accredited service providers for efficient collection, transportation and recycling. Lightcycle SA developed the Lighting Industry Waste Management Plan which details the requirements for the implementation of responsible and holistic post-consumer lighting waste management throughout South Africa. Patricia Schröder, on behalf of Lightcycle SA NPC, updates Sparks Electrical News readers on the latest developments.

Elsewhere in March, Sparks Electrical News focuses on Tools of the Trade; Energy Measurement & Supply; Industry 4.0 and Lighting.

New range of game-changing electrical accessories by electricians, for electricians

In a world where products are moving from standardised to customised, today’s consumers want high quality products that meet their specific requirements. Electrical accessories are no exception and Schneider Electric has risen to the challenge with the innovative Iconic™ range of modern electrical accessories set to turn the wiring devices market upside down.

Personality of the Month

Martin Hogan, General Manager & Design Engineer at Telbit, a company which specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of custom made, state-of-the-art electronic systems, has seen the industry evolve over his 28 years in the field. Taking a small micro controller, adding circuitry and creating something new is what inspires him every day.         

The importance of emergency lighting

Do you remember the awful fires at Grenfell Tower in London, United Kingdom in June 2017; the Marco Polo condominium fire in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2017; the shopping ,all fire in Kemerovo, Russia in March 2018; the Claremont Hotel fire in Eastbourne, England in November 2019 and the Bank of Lisbon building fire in Johannesburg in November 2019? The significance of each of these fires was that there was loss of life as a result. Most important is that in each case, the investigators found that the emergency lighting did not function, was non-existent, or as in the case of the Bank of Lisbon building fire, the building had failed the safety inspection and nothing had been done to rectify the faults or problems that had been found.

Working knowledge with Terry Mackenzie Hoy

This month Terry Mackenzie Hoy discusses the ins and outs of generators using a recent personal example. He notes that if you are not a technical person, this is how you can do a rough check if diesel is being stolen from your genset:

* Go look at your genset. The label will have a reading which gives the kVA of the genset.

* Multiply the kVA by 0.8. This is the kilowatts of the genset.

* Multiply the kilowatts by 0.5. This is the diversified load of the genset.

* All load shedding periods last 2.5 hours. For fuel consumption per load shedding period, multiply the diversified load by 2.5 x 0.3. This is the fuel consumption per load shedding period. Multiply this by the number of load shedding periods – this is the approximate fuel consumption.

Buyers Guide

The March 2020 Buyers’ Guide lists manufacturers and distributors of products and services in the Tools & Instruments sector.  Download the latest Buyers' Guide here.

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