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Sparks Electrical News May 2019 coverThe rumblings of discontent surrounding the role of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) in the electrical industry continue to grow. Established on 1 September 2008, under the auspices of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications Act (NRCS Act), Act 5 of 2008, the industry body emerged as an independent organisation from the original Regulatory Division of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). The mandate of the NRCS is to regulate the adherence to compulsory specifications and technical regulations in South Africa. This regulatory function addresses flaws in the market system whereby businesses may produce, import or sell products or services that may harm the consumer and/or the environment or may fall short of what is promised in terms of quantity or safety.

But is the NRCS living up to its mandate to administer and maintain compulsory specifications, and carry out market surveillance through inspection in order to monitor compliance with compulsory specifications?

Elsewhere in May, Sparks Electrical News focusses on Energy Efficiency, Industry 4.0 and as Lighting.

Personality of the Month

TACS Laboratories is a SANAS accredited test laboratory which offers conformance testing on electrical products and materials. They use top quality testing equipment and instruments with the latest technologies to ensure that the products they test are up to standard. Joel Laki Ndaba, Quality Director at TACS Laboratories, takes great joy in ensuring that products which go through the laboratory and into the hands of consumers are safe and compliant.

Using technology to get more electrical work

How often do you hear from a fellow electrical contractor at the counter of your electrical supplier? “I don’t have to advertise, I’m busier than ever.” If you do, this is probably bravado. The truth is that no contractor is as busy as he/she should be. You should have enough work for eight hours a day, five days a week, and be able to pick and choose the jobs you prefer to do, in areas you prefer to work. Using new technology in our technologically-driven world is essential for any business, big or small

Working knowledge with Terry Mackenzie Hoy

This month Terry Mackenzie Hoy discusses power lines; you may have seen power line poles leaning to one side, insulators on cross arms which ‘nod’ at an angle off vertical and power line cross arms which seem to be skew on the pole. People think these are due to a storm, high winds or some shift in the ground. But the reason is much simpler – the power line structure was not built correctly. Generally, this is because not many contractors (and very few consulting engineers) know how power lines are designed and built.

Buyers Guide

The May 2019 Buyers’ Guide lists manufacturers and distributors of products and services in the energy efficiency sector.

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