I write this article on the first day of work at the start of a wonderful new year. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and staff a very successful 2021.

Shedding light with Philip Hammond Focus on the positives

When we take a few steps back and look at our world, it is overflowing with bad, negative and upsetting news. There is no end to it. It causes many individuals and businesses to become distracted, demoralised, depressed, anxious and lose focus on those aspects in their individual and business lives that are far more important.

Yes, I cannot deny the fact that we live in strange, uncertain times, however we must not allow that to consume us and our thought processes.

It is time we all went back and refreshed our memories on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which can easily be applied to our individual lives and our respective businesses. I encourage you to do this right now before you proceed to revise your strategy, plan, budget and business forecasts for 2021. The following link will help you do that quickly: https://bit.ly/3sne0Go

If you follow my recommendation and refresh your mind so that you can focus on only positive thoughts, you will be amazed to see how your revised strategy, plan, budget and business forecasts will be more positive.

In the previous paragraph, I touched on focusing on positive thought. Let me expand on that a little further:

* 2020 came and it went. We are at the start of a brand-new year which must hold much opportunity. We survived 2020, yes, perhaps with a little more effort, reduced turnover and less annual profit. Nevertheless, we made it.

* The South African economy, although impacted by the pandemic, made it through to the new year.

* Many businesses accepted various forms of government assistance as did many sport clubs and NGOs. What is more amazing is that the various avenues that were available for assistance, perhaps with the exception of TERS, still have funds that can be disbursed to deserving applicants.

* We were able to get through every month with less.

* We learnt to shop wisely, to compare the prices and quality of products before parting with our hard-earned cash.

* We learnt to appreciate being together as families at home for extended periods during lockdown.

* We experienced the importance of being able to exercise.

* We realised that home cooking was great and even wondered why we had eaten out at restaurants so frequently.

* We learnt to be careful socialising in groups.

* We learnt to have greater respect for each other by complying with the protocols, wearing masks, sanitising and maintaining social distancing.

* We learnt to be efficient working from home.

* We mastered numerous new software applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Chat, ClickMeeting and more.

* I have not nearly exhausted the list of positives from 2020.

I was surprised to see how many positives can be drawn from 2020. That is how we should approach life – focus on the positives. Positives are much more enjoyable, rewarding and better for our personal well-being and health.

If you do not have an experienced person to whom you can turn as a business mentor or confidante, there are many business and life coaches who have helped business owners turn their businesses into incredible successes.

Have a positive year!

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